Join Our Holiday Networking Party And Introduce Yourself To The Hypebot Community

image from www.hypebot.com It's become a holiday tradition for Hypebot to host an online networking party.  Much of the business shuts down during the holidays, but we keep publishing on a lighter schedule and many of our readers are using the down time to work on exciting projects to unveil in 2011. Others are just looking for a constructive solution to the pre-holiday work day blahs. Either way, get involved:

In the comments section below, tell us a little about yourself, what you're working on and what excites you (PG-13 only).  Include links that you think might be of interest to others and I suggest adding your name and email or some way that other Hypebot readers interested in collaborating can find you. Shameless plugs are allowed.


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  1. First of all, first. Secondly…
    Hello Hypebot community! I’m a music producer by the name of The Tay. I’m in the Atlanta, GA area (originally from Detroit)
    I’m a student at the Art Institute of Atlanta studying Audio Production.
    I specialize in Hip-Hop, RnB, and electro music.
    I’ve already released 3 instrumental albums last year(which spread pretty well) and will be releasing more work in 2011.
    You can check them here at http://www.thetay.bandcamp.com
    I’m trying to build a reputable music production company and brand in 2011.
    I’d love to connect with artists or anyone to share ideas.
    My twitter is http://www.twitter.com/itsthetay

  2. Hello Community,
    i’m currently digital & international marketing manager in a french label of Sony Music.
    I’m interested in all digital music ideas, best practices and strategies.
    And also interested in the new developments of digital markets and practices.
    I’m @iam_CM on twitter for those interested.
    Happy holidays to all

  3. An online networking party on Christmas Eve? Great idea to help me through this long work day.
    I’m a mezzo soprano specializing in opera and contemporary classical music. I just launched the Federal Hill Parlor Series this last year which has been an exciting endeavor. You can read more about my adventures at http://www.meganihnen.com
    I also blog over at http://www.sybariticsinger.wordpress.com where I cover events & discussions that center around the Baltimore renaissance.
    Find me on facebook or on twitter @mezzoihnen
    Happy Holidays!

  4. Happy Holidays everyone! My name is Chancius (pro-nounced Chance-us) and I’m an independent musician in Brooklyn, NY. I discovered Hypebot this year while doing a semi-regular search for up to date info on the music industry in general. I’m so relieved to have found this website because it really does offer me all types of information about where the industry is at which I feel is key to becoming better at this chosen field. Thanks for everything !
    ~ Chancius

  5. Hello fellow Hypebotters…
    I’m Brian Thompson, artist manager and the managing partner for Thorny Bleeder Records.
    I run a blog on our homepage which features indie advice, marketing tips, and music biz commentary, so you might want to pop over and take a peak.
    I also give away tons of free downloads from many amazing new artists, so swing by and grab some for yourself. Ill be releasing a new free download compilation next week, featuring new music from 24 different artists.
    Happy Holidays!
    Thorny Bleeder Records

  6. Hi I’m JJ Jungle, I am a bassist/singer/dj in the bay area. I also have been studying how to use social media to build a deeper connection with fans, and have developed a great strategy that has been working to build my fan base as well as the fan base of my friend’s bands.
    I am excited for where the music industry is heading, especially with Web 2.0 since it allows musicians to better serve our audiences.
    Happy Holidays,

  7. Hello all!
    I am John Brunner, a writer, photographer, and French-speaker who runs a relatively new music site, Mezzic.com. We have contributors from Chicago, Madison, Singapore, Dublin and Paris. Currently I’m arranging interviews and scheming for the upcoming year before a return to Paris in the fall. Recently we did concert coverage for Gayngs, Mumford & Sons, Doomtree Blowout/Snowout and interviews with Anoraak, Midnight Juggernauts, and Sky Larkin.
    Obviously music excites me, but more so the feelings it evokes and its ability to change emotions so easily. These years, music has to capture my interest pretty well based on the sheer amount that passes my speakers.
    If interested in helping contribute and are very motivated, feel free to contact me with music you’re listening to and your city. (info@mezzic.com or @mezzic)

  8. Happy Christmas/Hanukkah/Festivus!
    I’m Adam Steele and I’m a co-founder at merge.fm. We’re a scrappy startup out of the midwest building a platform to let artists sell access to their digital music as an interactive experience. This means that rather than selling finished tracks which are so easy to pirate and get for free on the internet, merge.fm is built for artists to engage their fans into the entire story revolving around what musicians really care about: making great music, from initial song idea to finished track and all the versions in between.
    Try it at http://merge.fm if you’re up for it.
    Okay, it’s noon. Time to get in the spirit. Great to “meet” everyone!

  9. Hey fellow blog readers,
    I’m the co-founder of a social music platform called HypedSound. While I’m building a community for the site, I’m forming a development team to take the site to the next level — got some big ideas that will hopefully pan out. I also write blogs for the site that relate to the music industry, social media, and general music interest.
    Jonathan Jaeger
    twitter @jonathanjaeger

  10. Fran Snyder, founder of
    and soon ListeningRoomNetwork.com
    Dedicated to supporting venues where people listen, and artists who understand the growing value of small, rewarding places to play.
    Happy Hollandaise!

  11. Hello everyone,
    I’m Kyle Bylin and I write stories here on Hypebot – along with Bruce. Right now, I’m at my farm in North Dakota, located next to a town of about 200 people, celebrating Christmas with my family.
    It’s been a really great year writing stories for you guys and investigating the ever-changing music industry. I imagine the next year will only get more exciting. Thank you all for taking the time out of your days to read our blog and leave comments.
    In the next year, I’ll be exploring topics ranging from hyperlocal music blogging to online community management to the intersection of gaming and music.
    If you have any questions or concerns (or compliments), don’t be afraid to reach out and contact me at kyle.bylinATgmail.com.
    Have a great weekend everyone!

  12. Greetings everyone!
    My name is Floco Torres & I am an indie Hip-Hop musician and songwriter, journalist on the side & a Business Admin student. I do all my own booking, promoting, publicity and such so I find reading about the business & markets of the world fascinating and helpful. Hype Bot is probably the best site I’ve come across this year(I predicted the Paramore fall out to my friends when the new album came out btw)… If anything I guess info on booking companies, possible managers, or just insightful info about the business world around us is always great!
    Happy Christmas and such!
    Floco Torres
    http://www.hiimflocotorres.ning.com is my blog
    twitter @FlocoTorres

  13. Great idea Hypebot!
    I’m Mike McCready, co-founder & CEO of http://musicxray.com , which in 2010 has become the (probably) largest online community of music industry professionals in the world. They use the site to conduct A&R and open the doors of opportunity to hundreds of thousands of musicians who also use the site.
    I’m a serial entrepreneur and used to be a signed musician. More about me here: http://about.me/mikemccready
    Get our free opportunity alerts here: http://www.musicxray.com/subscribe-interactions
    Get your songs automatically matched to opportunities here: http://www.musicxray.com/s2o4artists

  14. Hi all, Alan O’Day here. I’m a singer/songwriter. (Wow, how unique!) Blessed to have a successful career from the 70’s (two #1 songs), to now (releases in Japan, writing & performing in L.A. & Nashville). And glad to have the knowledge & tips from Hypebot. I invite you to visit my website, alanoday.com, & shoot me an email. Harmonious Holidays, everyone!

  15. Hello everyone!
    I work for RightsFlow, a licensing and royalty service provider. We also have a service called Limelight that makes it simple for artists and labels to clear cover songs and secure necessary mechanical licenses. Hope that you are enjoying a wonderful holiday season with family and friends.
    We put together a little ode to the holidays on our Limelight blog http://www.songclearance.com/blog today:
    ‘Twas the day before Christmas and all through the land
    Every creature was tuning, getting ready to jam.
    The amps were plugged in throughout studios everywhere,
    in anticipation of recording many new covers with flair.
    Our mascot named Olive was passed out on the couch,
    awaiting Santa’s arrival with his big yummy treat-filled pouch.
    With Alex in bowtie, Emily, Gideon and Michael a-ready,
    the Limelight crew prepared to serve helpful hints smart and steady.
    When out through the speakers there arose sounds new yet familiar
    that warmed up the room and made us all instantly less chillier.
    From states across the US and from the world big and wide
    bands were covering any song, and covering with pride.
    Because Limelight is easy and makes licensing a breeze
    Musicians could now cover any song that they pleased
    Copyright compliant and a friend to songwriters,
    Limelight clears release for covers every day and all nighters.
    So rockers and crooners, guitarists and groups a cappella
    Are playing and sharing with new fans: both gals and fellas.
    Fiddlers and harpists, jazz trumpeters and choirs
    are releasing downloads, ringtones and discs that inspire.
    Thanks for YOUR music: we love what YOU do,
    Keep rehearsing, recording and letting us hear songs anew.
    We all love a good cover, and they are fun to play,
    So turn it up to 11 and keep creating each day.
    For your friends here at Limelight are ready to help
    to pay songwriters and publishers and be your good elf.
    Merry Christmas to you and much melody, music and good cheer,
    For the time has now come to start planning your covers for next year.
    Happy Holidays to all and to all a groove-filled night,
    from the team here at RightsFlow,
    the crew behind Limelight.

    (cue your favorite holiday cover song)
    Michael Kauffman

  16. Hi everyone,
    I run the Love Your Music blog (http://LoveYourMusic.tv) and recently released the Love Your Music book (http://LoveYourMusicBook.com). They both address a general music consumer audience that is interested in using music technology to better enjoy their music experiences. The content focuses on music technology that saves our readers money, removes frustration, shows them interesting and exciting new music and music websites. If you have a cool new consumer music product or service, I’d love to hear about it.
    The theme of the book is “Always listen to music you love by harnessing today’s music technology.”
    My favorite content on HypeBot is about new and emerging websites, music services, etc for consumers.

  17. My Name is Jay Chris, I am a producer, Song Writer and recording artist. I specialize in Hip Hop, R&B, Latin, And Urban music in General both in English and Spanish. I am a regular reader of this blog. Great to meet you all.
    Jaychris.com (Not up yet)
    Looking forward to network with all you guys.

  18. Happy Holidays from Norway! I am a Norwegian composer and multimedia artist. I have enjoyed reading many of the articles that you publish, and I have even recommended them (with link) on my special blog for music artists http://homelessballoon.blogspot.com/
    My own music project is named Homeless Balloon, and you will find info and music here: http://homelessballoon.com
    Continue the important task of updating us music artists and pointing at the most important trends in the ever changing music industry!

  19. Hey Everyone,
    My name is Dan and I’m a music business student at the McNally Smith College of Music, in St. Paul, MN. I’ve worked with some local musicians in the past, doing everything from promotions/booking/marketing but specializing in social network development.
    I’m into basically every aspect of the music business, specifically innovations in technology that help musicians connect with fans on a greater level, and helping independent musicians use all the tools at their disposal to become successful. I also enjoy writing/composing my own material on the side.
    Feel free to follow me on twitter @MusicIndRev.
    Happy Holidays Everyone!

  20. Hi. I’m Hubert and I run a site called FryinginVein.com, which I am currently converting to FiV Music Business Services. By day though, I am a digital marketing strategist for major brands and I do some consulting for SMBs.
    I live in Detroit and I am sure you all have heard our wonderful plight. Well, it has driven my interest in building a music-based economy in my phoenix of a city. I would love to connect with others that truly believe in the value proposition of the arts in modern cultures.

  21. Hey All,
    My name is Daniel and I am a junior at Boston University. I started a website with a couple of my roommates in November where we review and interview bands that come through Boston (with a focus on local artists): http://www.allstonpudding.com/
    We get over 100 hits a day, we have some very exciting plans for 2011 and we love what we do.
    Check out the site and feel free to send me an email at daniel@allstonpudding.com
    Happy Holidays!

  22. Happy Holidays everyone! My name is T Dawn and I gotta say, I LOVE my Hypebot Newsletters..thank you!

    I am pretty much a Jill of all trades. I am a singer/songwriter/musician/producer and now in 2011 I have been asked to be an internet radio host. Fun stuff! Musicians, if you are interested in getting your music heard, I’ll help you. I’ll air your music.

    I also would like do some interviews with; musicians, producers, people with tips and tricks…you know things of interest to the world of music. If you’re interested, contact me via my website; http://www.tdawn.com and join the Starlight Club and title it airtime. Or twitter me @tdawn1

    Cheers to all out there reading these wonderful comments!
    T Dawn

  23. Hi Everyone!
    I work in online marketing and I work with artists and their email marketing campaigns.
    If I can be of any help please let me know and I’d be glad to give you more information on what I do.

  24. Hi Everyone!
    I work in online marketing and I work with artists and their email marketing campaigns.
    If I can be of any help please let me know and I’d be glad to give you more information on what I do.

  25. Hi Everyone,
    I publish BestNewBands.com
    We showcase new and emerging bands and singer-songwriters with an emphasis on live performances. We currently have around a dozen writers doing interviews, reviewing shows and shooting video in five markets (LA, NYC, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and sometimes Austin) and we’re adding new markets on an ongoing basis.
    I hope everyone has a happy holiday and a great new year!

  26. Hey Everyone,
    My name is Mindy and I represent top selling Sri Lankan artist Ranidu and CMB Records. We are a label based out of San Francisco and Colombo Sri Lanka specializing in R&B/pop/Hip hop with ethnic flavor. Check out Ranidu. He is a Yale graduate, investment banker who now works for Google but also is a Sri lankan pop star! http://www.ranidonline.com
    We check out this blog for new ideas and to keep in touch with the latest in music technology. Thank you for your service and nice to meet everyone! Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!

  27. Hey, I’m an attorney and artist manager based in NYC. Through my marketing/event & artist management company Soul Rebel NYC (www.soulrebelnyc.com) I manage Hot 97 Morning show host Peter Rosenberg and R&B Singer Tiara Wiles. I also created the interview series ‘Noisemakers with Peter Rosenberg’ and the music showcase ‘Generation Next’.
    Feel free to reach out, I’d love to collaborate and share ideas with like minded folks.
    Mic Sean

  28. Thank-you all for participating. We’ll leave this thread open throughout the holiday week. So please spread the word via your networks. The more we get involved, the better it is for all of us.
    Happy holidays!

  29. Hi everyone and happy holidays!
    My name is Aviv and my company Musicsoft Arts http://musicsoftarts.com is building mobile music Apps.
    We love Hypebot – keep up the good work in 2011!
    Our main App is DJ Mixer. The App is designed to let anyone DJ for friends using an iDevice.
    We are working with musicians to promote their music to our fast-growing user-base. We have 2.5M DJ mixer users and adding about 350,000 a month. Promo music by the artists we are working with has been downloaded and play more than 3M times this year. So, if you are a musician, artist manager or a record label and would like to promote your music on the hottest mobile music platform then we’d love to talk.

  30. Happy holidays, Hypebot!
    I’m Paige, based in Melbourne, Australia. Have been working as a music journalist for a few years for some magazines and websites. I also run an underground blog specifically on the Melbourne live music scene (www.paper-deer.com). My day job is as the Administration and Promotions Manager of digital music distributor Valleyarm (www.valleyarm.com), doing their marketing, social media, admin management and other random promo projects.
    Feel free to follow the Valleyarm twitter (@Valleyarm) or my personal twitter account (@PaigeXc).

  31. Hi,
    I am a composer and performer, been following hypebot for a few months now. About to start writing part of my final year project on social media and its affect on artists/musicians promotion of their materials, so I’ve been reading up passively.
    I’ve been releasing music as The Shadow Committee for 6 months now, which you can hear on bandcamp (http://theshadowcommittee.bandcamp.com)
    Follow me on @joshuarayman or @tscinc
    Happy Holidays!

  32. Hi everyone. I’m Donald Leahy, a Music Producer with own label DLP Digital. Started, Produce and market London/Irish Act DANCE TO TIPPERARY for over 10 Years now. Digital growing all the time, especially in US. Saw article re unusual marketing on here, well we did very unusual we sponsored a few Top Rally Drivers in Ireland, it worked, lots of Rally Fans like the band and we did allot around the sport in Ireland. see http://www.dancetotipperary.com http://www.youtube.com/user/dancetotipperary. Interseting comment from rally fan on new single I’m Sorry. We now embracing the digital world so looking forward to 2011 and run upto St. Patrick’s Day. Happy New Year to all. Hypebot is great.

  33. I am the New Music Editor of the popular culture blog Popdose. I’m proud to be a part of a great group of writers from all over the country. We cover music primarily, but there are also plenty of stories on film, television, books, and other areas of interest. We update the site several times each day, so there is always new content. Please take a few minutes to visit us. You’ll want to come back for more.

  34. Warm winter wishes from UK singer-songwriter Kirsty McGee (http://www.kirstymcgee.com)
    Currently setting off across Europe for midwinter gigs in Northern Holland and Germany.
    Whilst we often play as a duo, our modular band, The Hobopop Collective,  features everything from musical saw and bass trombone to banjo, double bass and cigar box guitar. 
    2010 saw the release of our fifth album (No.5, recorded absolutely live in Manchester UK) and extensive European touring. In 2011 we’ll be excitedly working on album number 6 and enjoying our recent signing to AG / (V2) for Benelux releases alongside our new European Hobopop Collective.
    Hope you’re enjoying the winter season & do pop by and say hello!
    ‘bewitching and exquisite’ **** – Q
    ‘one of the greatest groups in the current music scene’ **** – maverick
    ‘a fascinating talent’ – clash
    ‘rich, versatile and immaculately controlled’ – americana-uk
    ‘perennially stunning’ – netrhythms
    ‘one of the UK’s finest and most under-rated songwriters’ 5/5 – music critic
    Twitter: @hobopop

  35. Hello All,
    This seems like a cool idea. I am the drummer of a Scottish band called Suspire. We have a new single out in March 2011 which is being produced by Gordy Goudie of Echo and The Bunnymen. The release will be through our own label, with the hope of being picked up by a bigger indie label.
    You can listen to our last release here:
    New animated music video released online on 4th Feb 2011.
    We’ll be in New York in Oct 2011… Would be nice to meet some like-minded indie musos. 🙂

  36. Hello all and Happy Holidays!
    My name is A.J. Crew. I’m an independent MC, producer and songwriter from Toledo, OH but via Chicago, IL through studying at Roosevelt University majoring in Business Administration (Marketing).
    I have appeared on the likes of Nah Right, 2dopeboyz, illRoots, DjBooth.net, Fake Shore Drive, Ruby Hornet and the Chicago Reader amongst other media outlets. I have also collaborated with Grammy Award winning MC, Rhymefest, on my song entitled “Destiny & Desire” from my free album, “Nightmares & Daydreams”. You can find that song at http://music.ajcrew.com along with my project, “Free Agency”.
    This year, I am working on increasing my social media presence, releasing another album independently and opening up to more production and feature collaborations.
    If you would like to contact me, use the above site or email me at therealajcrew(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks for your time, everyone! Cheers!

  37. Hello everyone,
    I’m Mike. A hip-hop artist/producer with a sound compared to Cee-Lo meets Andre 3000 and Kid Cudi, currently working on a full-length album entitled The OPP . Reading Hypebot has been extremely helpful in terms of understanding the changing landscape of the music industry, learning how to position my music and brand through new and classic marketing techniques, and connecting with people who have a passion for making music as expression and empowering those who do so with the tools for success.
    I’m definitely excited to continue learning from everyone who contributes to Hypebot and hope to work with many of you in the future.
    (Cue Shameless plug)
    Feel free to download a free song at http://entelleckt.com/exclusive-mp3 and/or stream my music at http://music.entelleckt.com
    My links:
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/entelleckt (@entelleckt)
    Facebook: http://facebook.com/entellecktmusic
    ReverbNation: http://reverbnation.com/entelleckt
    Happy Holidays to all!!!

  38. Happy Holidays!
    My name is Janishia and I am an aspiring entertainment lawyer with a start-up online record label called F.R.E.E. Records which specializes in artist development. We are branding ourselves as a complete artist management tool for independent artists bridging the gap between technology and the music business. Currently working on redeveloping our website, but you can find more information about us at:
    Let us know what you think!

  39. Hey Friends!
    My name is Matt Fiedler and I’m currently a senior music business and entrepreneurship student at Belmont University in Nashville, Tn. Over the past year or so I have found myself interested in sonic branding and music supervision. I truly believe music has the power to convey a variety of emotions in an effective manner and especially has the ability to instill a deeper connection between brand/picture and consumer/viewer.
    I just recently launched a website to help me with the “job search” process. Feel free to check it out (http://www.matthewfiedler.com). It gives a little deeper look as to who I am as a prospective employee and what I am looking for in a career. If you or someone you know is looking to hire a smart, determined, and exceptionally handsome young man, please feel free to contact me at the information listed below.
    email: matt@matthewfiedler.com
    website: http://www.matthewfiedler.com
    twitter: @mateodesign
    facebook: facebook.com/fiedlerm
    Thanks for reading!

  40. Hello everyone!
    My name is Brad Thompson, and I am an independent pianist, music technology specialist, sound designer/editor, and composer for films and music.
    I do audio postproduction and mixing for film and studio environments. Currently I am sound designer of my 3rd film that is about to enter the production phase. Though I am 17, I have knowledge in numerous DAW programs and recording techniques.
    As for composing, I have done genres including jazz, classical, piano solo, R&B, and rock.
    Right now I’m looking for music and film venues to collaborate or work on projects for the upcoming year.
    If you have any questions or would like to contact me, follow me on twitter @Brdthompson or go to my portfolio page http://bradthompson.posterous.com for a complete resume or news.
    Happy Holidays!

  41. Hello,
    I am a recording artist, the daughter of the Queen of High Energy, Evelyn Thomas, and I reside in SW Florida, USA. I sing all varieties of styles, but my style of preference is Neo-Soul/Rhythm and Blues. I am currently recording my 4th solo project which will be out in 2011, and am also an internet radio personality.
    Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself to the community,

  42. I’m an experienced music biz professional (PR,labels, management, agency, studios) looking to work in tour coordination for established rock bands (the older, the better)– either on the road or from a desk — freelance, on staff, part-time, whatever. If you’re involved in a management organization, booking agency, or tour production company, I’m the Rock and Roll Right Hand you just might need. Contact me at SmartCommunications@SmartCommunicationsforSmartBusiness.com

  43. Hi I’m Kathryn N Sano and I am the owner and founder of The Music Business Network. We are in our 3rd year of operating. Our goal is to create a comprehensive network of industry professionals so that students, industry professionals, and musicians may obtain the services and information they need in order to succeed professionally. We host quarterly networking events in NYC and provide consulting services (among other things). Please visit our website to obtain more information about us and to become a member today!
    P.S. Membership is FREE!!!!

  44. why hello there! jennifer alyse herman here, hailing outta philadelphia pa. – co-founder of On Tyme Music Marketing (marketing|branding|promotions|events for indies) and artist manager specializing in hip hop artists and dj’s —> i love what i do. get at me at http://www.OnTymeMusicMarketing.com / http://www.jenniferalyse.org & http://www.twitter.com/jenniferalyse i love meeting new peeps in the music biz… let’s keep the convos a’followin…oh… and i love hypebot ; ) peace to all!

  45. Hey Everyone,
    John Braun here, I am a recent graduate of the Loyola University NOLA Music Business Program. I am currently back at home in Baltimore working with a young musician named Christoph Andersson (http://soundcloud.com/christoph-andersson) on developing creative ways to release music as well as handling his PR.
    I am very interested in management as well as marketing // lifestyle brand marketing. I worked with Girlie Action Media a PR firm in NYC for 4 months this summer and plan on moving back up there in late Jan to begin my job search. Would love some advice is anyone has any!

  46. My name is Bill Frater. I am passionate about Americana music, rootsy singers and songwriters and twangy stuff. I’ve bee writing about music on the Freight Train Boogie for over 12 years and have been doing Americana podcasts for over 2 years. I also do a weekly Americana Boogie blog with mini reviews and links about new releases.
    I am open to helping DJ’s or artist or fans to create their own podcasts, whether giving tips or hands-on. I also help manage and promote Americana artists. I have the knowledge and connections to help you make the next right move. Peace and happiness in the New Year!

  47. Howdy Yall, I am a native Texan musical family-raised fundraiser and member of the board for a nonprofit called the SIMS Foundation, simsfoundation.org. For the past 15 years we have helped Austin musicians and their immediate families get access to mental health care and addiction services.
    I am also a working investor at Music and Entertainment TV- metelevision.com.
    Who’s ready for some SXSW 2011?!!

  48. Hey there everyone!
    My name is Jon and I am the cofounder of a music blogging community called MicControl.com and I also blog on MicControl full time, writing about music marketing strategies to help emerging musicians advance their careers!
    MicControl bridges the gap between music and blogs.
    We help build brands for blogs, artists and industry professionals by developing relationships through content.
    Feel free to follow me on Twitter (@miccontrol) on FB (http://facebook.com/miccontrolmusic) or come check out my own blog on MicControl (http://bit.ly/i5AQ2H)
    MicControl is still unofficially launched, but we are slowly but surely growing! Big things to come in 2011 and we are hoping to have our official relaunch soon enough!
    Take care everyone, Happy New Years!

  49. Happy Holidays Hypebot!
    Thank you for the informative articles and updates going on in the music biz!
    My name is Luis Medina and I’m the founder and CEO of a young and exciting label named KutRoc Records.
    We are working on some amazing projects with rising stars and singer-songwriters Mateo Medina and Kitarah.
    What excites me is the paradigm shift and the social networking revolution going on in our world — empowering artists and fan relationships!

  50. Hi everyone! My name’s Andrea and I’m a recent college grad looking for entry-level work or an internship in the music industry. My degree’s in finance but I’m also interested in digital marketing.
    I’m currently living in Austin, Texas but I’m open to relocation.
    If anyone knows of any opens please email me or contact me on linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/arobertson25
    Happy New Years!

  51. What’s up everybody?
    I’m Scott James – a musician/blogger/web designer. I have my blog at:
    http://IndependentRockstar.com where I write about Marketing and Self Improvement for musicians.
    I also regularly contribute posts on Disc Maker’s Echoes blog:
    And sometimes I get on CD Baby’s DIY Musician blog:
    You can find my web design business here:
    – Scott

  52. Hi,
    My name’s Dwayne. I discovered hypebot earlier this year while doing research for my new company. LOMA Productions aims to aid artists in getting set up properly for the new music business model that continues to morph before our eyes. I play bass in a fun Acid rock/punk/folk (honest) band named TAOST. http://www.taosttheband.com
    I also run a blog highlighting original music in my small, rural neck of the woods in the universe at http://www.elioms.blogspot.com

  53. Hi, is it too late to get in on this?
    My name is Leah Pauls. I’m an old, up-and-coming singer songwriter (I’ll be 40 next year, and just started sharing my music this year), and an entrepreneur.
    As a fledgling artist who is beginning to create a buzz in my Fresno, CA community, I have yet to launch a website, get a good recording, or do lots of those new industry standard/self-promotion kind of things.
    But I do have
    1)A FACEBOOK page: Leah Pauls
    check out my most recent blog: facebook.com/topic.php?uid=175298342496496&topic=344
    2) My Space: Leah Pauls – As Is
    3)Twitter: @Paulsnspiration
    4)You Tube: Paulsinspiration (live rehearsal and gig footage there)
    Great to meet you all! Happy New Year!

  54. Hello!
    Happy post Christmas and pre New Years!
    Although the networking party may be over I got the impression no ones gone home just yet 🙂
    Im Roxy, an artist based in Oxford I run my own small label and formalized a collective to help promote bands in Glasgow and Oxford initially with the hope to incorporate more cities across the UK and beyond.
    The DIY music scene is my area of expertise and passion, have a peek at my website (see link below) 1st Aid Records/Collective for more info on the artists the events and general DIY inspiration. If you fancy a collaboration, skill swap or have an idea for a project get in touch it would be especially fantastic to here from music video artists producers and film music supervisors at the moment but absolutely every one is welcome who has a genuine interest in combining talents to further the eclectic art/music scene.
    Email contact (see below)
    Continue to have a wonderful holiday!

  55. Happy hoildays
    My name is Carlos Garcia CEO of UO Productions an Independant Record label out of Central America. I grew up in Los Angeles and it wasnt until 2000 that we discovered tha vast and untapped market in Latin America, the new land of oppurtunity. I want to thank hypebot for all that vital information and links that get passed along all year round.
    We also own CD Latin our CD/DVD duplication company and we also have a store where we sell art, music, movies, clothes from fashion designers and magazines.
    Here are some of our links to know more

  56. Hello. My name is TJR. I am an independent recording artist, professional sideman and session player…..But right now one of my favorite endeavors is co-hosting the internet series Music Worth Buying. Each week (well OK, most every week). Myself and Robert Kinsler (from Orange County’s leading newspaper) sit down, discuss and play tracks from albums that we are passionate about. You can watch our show and subscribe to our youtube page at http://www.youtube.com/musicworthbuying
    Check us out, you might discover some great new music that will become as much a part of your lives as it has become a part of ours.

  57. Hey all,
    My name is Sean, and I’m better known as DJ Blak Majik. I’m a Baltimore based DJ and I am the DJ for Mania Music Group, an award winning record label in Baltimore, MD. In 2010 with Mania Music Group, we’ve released our first full length album called “Welcome to the Audience” (http://maniamusicgroup.bandcamp.com), after many projects and EPs that have gotten us exposure from XXL magazine to many blog and media recommendations.
    Though my foundations are in hip-hop and turntablism, I make a point to play all genres of music in my sets, and recently started a weekly mix series called “Crawling Thru The Crates” which is growing in popularity and available on both my website, and iTunes currently.
    I’m always interested in reading and talking about music, so anyone can feel free to contact me. Here’s all my my info:
    DJ Blak Majik
    Twitter: @DJBlakMajik
    My website: http://www.Blak-Majik.com
    Mania Music Group website: http://www.ManiaMusicGroup.com

  58. Happy new year everyone! I’m Brian Franke, a folk rock singer/songwriter in Washington, DC and was lucky enough to be a working musician all through 2010 & work with Ariel Hyatt at Cyber PR for my newly released (and first) album, ‘Six Blocks Down’ (http://ow.ly/3wOlt) in November, which sounds like Pete Yorn’s folk rock joins forces with Vertical Horizon’s pop rock.
    I also started a blog about being a musician in the nation’s capital, and started contributing to Music Think Tank. (www.brianfranke.com/thinkingaloud)
    I’m dubbing 2011 my “year of collaboration”. If you’re interested in songwriting, recording, blogging with me, doing a show, or touring–I’m all for talking with you. I hope to release an EP by the end of the year that will speak to the current state of our society, politics, and culture in the US.
    Here’s all my info, be well!
    email: brian@brianfranke.com
    website: http://www.brianfranke.com
    Twitter: @bfrankemusic
    FB: http://www.facebook.com/BrianFrankeMusic
    Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/bfrankemusic
    BLog: http://www.brianfranke.com/thinkingaloud
    Store: http://www.brianfranke.com/store.html
    Brian Franke

  59. Greetings and Happy New Year,
    My name is Drew Baker and I am a composer, music blogger and web designer. Please visit my blog at http://www.drewbakermusic.com/blog – There you will find discussion of current music topics/trends, reviews and much more. You can also follow me on twitter @drewbakermusic.
    Best wishes to all,

  60. Red Clay Music Group a new indie record label focusing on music from the South and beyond. It’s started by former Sony and East/West marketing executive karen marie mason. Artist include Kelly Love Jones, theDOLLDAZE, Starchile, Navasha Daya and others. We are also the presenters of the annual Reggae Legends celebration honoring Bob Marley, Gregory Isaacs, Dennis Brown, Sugar Minott. http://www.reggaelegendsweek.com.

  61. Howdy folks. I’m a bit late to the party, but I’m Joe Edwards. I’m a saxophonist, producer, and a masters student of public policy at University of MD.
    I’m playing w/ a band, Ndelible, which will be releasing a free mixtape on 1.11.11. We’ve been compared to anything from Dave Matthews Band to Outkast. The mixtape will actually include a cover of the former, in addition to our interpretations of some stuff from Kanye West, Radiohead, Coldplay, and others. It’ll be FREE on http://www.ndelible.com and a variety of other sources.
    My own site is http://www.joeplays.com and I be atwittering @josephedwards
    Happy Holidays to the hypebot community. Though I often disagree w/ the gist of the articles written here (sometimes a little too ‘lets give our music away for free’ for my taste), but my goal is all about expansion. And articles contrary to my own beliefs just help enlighten. Looking forward to reading more from you all in the New Year.

  62. i woke up WAY too early for it being new year’s day. looking forward to launching our online campaign rolling out, soon-ish(!)
    rock on everyone.
    jen z
    new nobles

  63. Hello everyone.
    I run an online music community and entertainment company in South Africa. http://www.overtone.co.za
    If you would like to register your artists or companies then please feel free. It would be great to have more interest from around the world.
    The music industry uses Overtone to book bands and find services as well as to promote their music, events, news etc.
    Please let us know what you think.
    Happy New Year to your all ..
    Tristan Waterkeyn
    Overtone CEO

  64. Hello Hypebot Community,
    Katie here. I’m a former Berklee student (Music Business) and a current Business Administration student at AU. I’ve also been working at EMI Music Publishing Canada since October.
    I contribute music industry commentary to the Artists House Music blog. The site offers a vast selection of free educational videos with some of the industry’s finest: http://www.artistshousemusic.org/
    Additionally, I run I Think I Love It, a blog I launched to highlight the best unsigned artists, songwriters, and producers I’ve come across since I’ve been involved in the industry: http://ithinkiloveit.com/
    I hope to introduce you to some new music you’ll love!
    Happy New Year!
    – Katie

  65. Hello Everyone,
    I am a digital strategist, product developer working on a new crowd sourcing site called Ballotbux. We are funded by an investment banking group out of San Diego. We will be launching in 3 months. It has an exciting funding feature for new artist. Not much to say right now…too busy working. Contact me if you like at lanethomas@mac.com

  66. Hi all!!
    I manage the CONSCIOUS “Worldbeat Pop Spiritual Fusion” music band HERE II HERE (mouthful right!!!) … pronounced “here to here”.
    Anyone interested in SERVING HUMANITY?? By partnering your talents with this transformational, heart-opening mainstream music project … you’re directly contributing to raising the vibration of our planet. BIG WORDS I know. But take a closer look.
    We did 130 shows in 2010 all over the USA & Canada. Sold about 7000 albums. Performed on ABC GOOD MORNING AMERICA. Performed at the UNITED NATIONS and with Spiritual luminaries such as THE ORACLE OF TIBET, NEALE DONALD WALSCH, BYRON KATIE, MICHAEL BECKWITH, RAVI SHANKAR, DEEPAK CHOPRA, and so many others.
    Check us out. We are LOOKING FOR forward-thinking innovators in MGMT, AGENT REP, TECHNOLOGY CONTENT CREATION & DELIVERY.
    We are now in LA, recording new music and networking. We could be looking for you!!!
    Bryan, manager. Bryan@hereiihere.com

  67. Jango has been awesome- being able to track stats of the people that like your music (their favorite artists, age, gender, demographics) is exactly what I have needed as a new artist with a new album out.
    Thanks again! Happy New Year

  68. Hullo! And Happy new Year!
    My name is Julia and I’m a business student with James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA.
    We’ve just started a network of independent music professionals in Harrisonburg, VA called Madistrophic. Right now we’re primarily working with new and upcoming artists. You can find us on Twitter- @madistrophic or MySpace- http://www.myspace.com/madistrophic
    I’m still really new to everything and Hypebot is really helping to keep me clued in.
    You can join me on my journey of learning, or be generous and share your knowledge, by following me on twitter @randomj12.
    I hope everyone had an excellent holiday!

  69. Hello Hypebot readers! I’m Erik Peterson & I’m the founder of Plugola Inc. which specializes in creating new & innovative ways to distribute artists’ music to their fans while being compensated. We operate the digital music marketplace, PLUGO.LA; and more recently we’re working on a new web application that thumbs it’s nose at digital music all together called, Hifidelics.
    I’m very passionate about all music that is beautiful & interesting, but more importantly, breaks the rules. I also love new technology & creating new businesses.
    On a personal level, I can found at:

  70. Hi Everyone,
    My name is Jon and I play guitar with a guitar cello, Montana Skies. I have been reading Hypebot for several years now and love all of the resources and news for independent musicians. Our duo has been making a living touring and with our recordings, full time since 2004. Our style “classical fusion”. It’s a mix of our classical influences mixed with elements of rock and jazz. Jenn also plays a six string electric cello which she endorses for Ned Steinberger. If you’d like to hear and see our music, please check out our free downloads @
    Happy 2011!!

  71. Hello and Happy New Year Hypebot community!
    My name is Hisham Dahud and I’m a music producer, drummer, and aspiring music industry professional.
    I currently study Marketing and Music Industry Business at San Francisco State University.
    In the past, I’ve worked with DJ Shadow, IRIS Distribution, and I’ll soon begin contributing articles to Hypebot.com on a regular basis so look out for me!
    My current projects are an instrumental concept album based upon the idea of flying across the world, drumming for a heavy metal project, and producing music for a series of hip-hop mixtapes with rising Bay Area artists.
    I wish you all the best in 2011!
    Join my network: http://linkedin.com/in/hishamdahud
    Follow my Twitter: http://twitter.com/hishamdahud
    Here my music: http://soundcloud.com/hishamdahud

  72. Hi eveyone from France,
    First of all, I’d like to wish you all the best for 2011.
    To make a long story short:
    * I launched a new “unLabel” (that’s the way my friends on your side of Atlantic nicknamed it…), let’s say that CybearSonic is a label with a disruptive approach, focused/centered on Artists (mainly from Africa at the moment) that can expand their traditional music with Jazzy feelings… 3 albums were released in 2010… Festivals and venues around the world, here we come!!!
    Wanna listen? Try http://soundcloud.com/djeli-moussa-diawara (a Guinean Kora master with a unique 32-stringed instrument who’s a real jazzman!) and http://soundcloud.com/allestones (next generation Brass Band from Benin).
    * I manage a blog about African and/or Jazz music too http://kotonteej.com where I present new artists/music or the music I like…
    At the moment, I’m almost ready to launch the shop, where you’ll be able to find much more stuff than just music or albums… it will be called “Online Voyages” so that your ears can travel too…
    For booking and enquiries: contact us!!!

  73. My name is David Collado and I run a label called Musical Missionary focused on raising money to offer music education to underprivileged youth. We accept donated tracks from accomplished electronic music artists and release them under our label to raise money for our cause. Our music is primarily electronic but I am always on the lookout for remix opportunities to feed my artists to help us broaden the exposure of our label and mission.
    Hypebot has been very inspirational to me lately as I embark on a mission to transition Musical Missionary from an only-sells-music model to an engage-fans-and-give-them-a-reason-to-buy model. Thanks to Bruce’s advice, I have setup our catalog on Bandcamp and I look forward to using more social media tools in 2011.

  74. Great idea, guys. I’m always open to networking with music artists and professionals.
    Hello, all. My name is James Rawls and I run a music blog called Me Like Good Music, where we introduce music lovers to underrated music of multiple genres. It’s not about the big stars. It’s about the artists and bands who put the music first. There are artist profiles, interviews, music recommendations, videos, free music downloads and helpful information for aspiring artists.
    I’m based in Atlanta, Georgia. Contact me at http://www.melikegoodmusic.com/contact/ if you’d like to submit music, guest post, suggest mutually-beneficial projects, provide merch items for our weekly Twitter giveaway or have an Atlanta performance reviewed.
    Holding up my glass to toast and wish you all prosperity in 2011.
    James Rawls

  75. What a great idea! 🙂 Hello! My name is Abby! I’m a singer/songwriter/musician from Chicago, Illinois. I have been writing my own songs since I was seven, and I’ve been playing guitar since I was twelve. Please check out my website at http://www.abbyfeferman.com and spread the word! I also have a Tumblr blog chicagochick.tumblr.com, which can also be found on my website under the Blog section! Please feel free to follow me on Twitter @AbbyFeferman , find me on Facebook at facebook.com/AbbyFefermanMusic , and become a fan on ReverbNation at http://www.reverbnation.com/AbbyFeferman 🙂 It’s so great meeting everybody! Wishing you all the best in 2011 and always! Thank you, Hypebot! 🙂

  76. Happy New Year from Los Angeles!
    My name is Jon Manness and I’m a composer and business developer. My recent experience includes writing music for the Avatar Extended Collector’s Edition Blu-ray (“The Night Before Avatar”), arranging for Hersheypark amusement park, as well as working remotely for music startup Orpheus Media Research/Myna Music. I’m available for licensing and scoring music for films, tv, video games and other media. I’m also available as an arranger and orchestrator for songwriters and composers.
    Please don’t hesitate to email me (jon at jonathanmanness dot com) if you are interested in my services. Also, contact me if you are a music startup with funding and are looking for someone with well-rounded music startup experience (including business development, operations, marketing, and sales).
    Thank you, Hypebot, for being AWESOME, and I wish everyone a safe and prosperous 2011!

  77. Hi there,
    My name is Anthea Neads, and I’m a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. I write acoustic music and also sing some traditional folk songs, which is a genre I’m exploring further in 2011 and which increasingly influences my songwriting.
    I released my debut album on my own label in 2010, and am beginning to record the follow-up in Feb 2011.
    It’s been a huge learning curve, particularly learning all about marketing and the logistics of self-releasing an album. I plan to be much more organised with the second one and have a tighter business plan for 2011. I would like to raise my profile in 2011, so goals for me this year include engaging the services of a PR company to increase media coverage, launching a range of merchandise, and planning a tour to coincide with the release of the second album.
    I would also like to find a manager and booking agent this year, as carrying out of that myself takes so much time, which I’d rather be spending on honing my craft!
    Any advice or contacts about any of the above would be more than welcome! My email address is anthea@antheaneads.com and my website is http://www.antheaneads.com – I’m also on twitter, myspace, reverbnation and various other sites (usually as …/antheaneads)
    Hope to hear from some of you lovely folks! And thank you to Hypebot, it’s been a great source of information in 2010 and I look forward to learning more in 2011!
    Anthea 🙂

  78. Hi there, I’m Ian Heath. I do marketing for Sony Music in Canada and I write a blog for indie bands at http://intrsctn.com. It’s all about Music, Tech, and Autonomy. I don’t say “independent” because there’s too many connotations to that word now. I like Autonomy instead.
    Anyway, hit me up any time, I love to talk music, bands, tech, whatever.
    http://intrsctn.com – blog

  79. Hey all Readers,
    Happy Holidays
    I’m the founder of an up and coming Independent Record label called Brilliant Mind Entertainment, LLC. I’m also an artist that rap/sings and puts all my passion into the music that I create. I’m always looking for new online outlets to help expose my music to new audiences that can appreciate good music. Now that the internet is the catapult for reaching an enormous pool of people, it is up to the DIY artists to take advantage of the newly found platform.
    DeAngelo Robinson
    Twitter @sharptung

  80. Hi,
    I am Hilke Ros. I am the bass player and the manager of Amatorski (http://amatorski.be), an upcoming band in the small country Belgium. I try to be an entrepreneurial artist exploring new business models and the opportunities of the internet.
    I wrote some posts for Hypebot in the past and I hope to have more time for that in 2011 (Sorry, Kyle…).
    I also have an internet start-up at http://mmmotion.com which aims to solve the problems I have myself as an artist: be more time-efficient regarding the process of updating social networks and stuff like that. You can read my blog over there.
    For interesting stories about music and internet, follow @mmmotioncom. My personal account is @hilkeros, but it’s more personal (and often in Dutch).

  81. Hi, my name is Rich James and I am an independent dance/electronic musician from the UK.
    I love all music and am listening to Cocteau Twins right now.
    I have a charity single being released on the 10th January, 2011 called ‘I Swoon’. All profit to go to Diabetes UK, a worthy cause.
    You can find out more details and hear the track at my website at http://richjamesmusic.com There are also links to pre-order the track right now.
    Fancy donating 79p to charity this Xmas?
    Take care

  82. Hello!
    I maintain a commercial free Internet radio station known as EMix! Radio. My format highlights women in music from today, yesterday and tomorrow.
    This project is a passion for me and I have no plans to monotize this endeavor.
    If you are a singer/songwriter please contact me so I can add your music to the station.
    Earl Francis
    EMail: EMixRadioDJ@gmail.com
    Website: http://www.emixradio.us
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/EMixRadio
    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/EMixRadioUSA

  83. I’m an artist, writer and public speaker. Founder of http://FreeHiphopNow.com. Host of a monthly mic open/concert series in NYC called “A Monthly Bondfire”. I love music. I love technology. I love learning and sharing ‘good information’. My life is a living art project. You can find out more about what exactly I do artistically on my official website http://iAreConscious.com and I just started a working on a new blog for artists with a friend http://payusnomind.info

  84. New music order coming soon! Musyck is a fan-powered music discovery and promotion website based out of Dallas and Los Angeles. Our plan is to launch the music industry’s first full-on, REAL game where fans will have a chance to “own” a piece of the next wave of music and make money while competing against other fans.
    Look for us on or about February, 15 2011. In the mean time you can visit our temporary website at http://www.musyck.com and join our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/musyck.
    If you are an independent musician who wants new fans, new promotion and to be part of a new music order, contact us now. Oh, we do NOT charge musicians for anything. It is one of our goals to promote your music so that it SELLS. All musical genres are welcome.
    Contact sam@musyck.com for more information.
    Thanks to Hypebot and to all a great 2011!

  85. Hello folks,
    http://www.viralgigs.com (how to get a viral stream of gig invitations) became an almost accidental by-product of my own touring and gigging.
    You see I had developed a system of engaging directly with fans (I don’t really care for that term btw) by giving away my version of public domain songs that are already being searched for.
    After some tweaking I managed to get the system to run on autopilot and make it viral.
    Soon, other artists that I know started asking how I was booking my gigs and putting together my tours so I ended up creating http://www.viralgigs.com as a way of showing them how to do it.
    Feedback has been great so far – it’s a ‘real world’, practical system that works great for indie singer/songwriters, bands and musicians.
    Anyways, thanks for hearing me out.
    Cheers – Andy Rogers

  86. I’m Ian Marquis. I’m a musician/producer living and working in Bangor, Maine. It’s quiet up here, and there isn’t much of a scene or buzz, but I’m trying to make some waves. Currently, I’m about squeezing every ounce of production value I can from my limited toolset and self-trained ear. It’s hard, but immensely satisfying.
    Currently, I’ve got two albums out: The Shivers (2010) and The Solomon Project (2009). Both are up on Bandcamp for free streaming and purchase at http://ianmarquis.bandcamp.com.
    (Bandcamp is, in my opinion, one of those game-changing innovations that has helped shift the balance of power in the music industry back over to the artist. We need more of that.)
    I think 2011 is going to be another year of perspective shift in the industry and powerful creations by artists. I want to be along for that ride – and maybe even do something of note myself.
    Have a great new year!

  87. Hi There,
    We are Anthony Cekay and Leighanne Saltsman, and we run Page4Music.com which aims to foster discourse within the music industry: creatives, administrators, presenters, financiers and enthusiasts all come together to discuss issues pertinent to the field, and to learn from each others’ experience.
    To this end we run a biweekly podcast on itunes, and are currently working to establish a new touring model incorporating crowd-funding and HD technology. We also run a mentoring program for emerging music business professionals.
    Get in touch if you’re interested in participating in the podcast!

  88. Nice to learn a bit more about the hypebot community.
    I am a mix engineer freelancing from Prague. I graduated from Berklee College of Music with a degree in Music Production & Engineering as well as Music Business & Management. I have previously interned at a few studios and at EMI Publishing.
    I enjoying working with all genres of music and couldn’t be happier with my career choice. My quite affordable mixing service can be found at http://www.virtualmixengineer.com
    The site has more information about myself and services, but I am available to answer any other questions. I hope to be working with some of you in the future, and would like to see all of our projects continue to grow this year.

  89. My name is Esli Sugich,
    I am a 24 year old musician that has been playing music since the age of 13. I am from Los Angeles Ca. I have this blog as my home page and I read it everyday. I’d love to get connected with people that also read this blog and that could help my band in anyway possible.
    Here are some links to check my band out:
    Ballerina Black:
    Hope some of you are interested and would like to get in contact with me.
    Esli Sugich
    Ballerina Black
    Los Angeles, CA
    twitter: @eslisugich, @ballerinablack

  90. Hello,
    Happy New Year to all.
    My name is Steve and I’m based in London. I run social media campaigns, build websites, consult on Direct To Fan Marketing for musicians and arts related businesses with a focus on fan engagement.
    I am an avid reader of Hypebot and over the years have enjoyed all the points of views and discussions from the Hypebot community. Keep ’em coming!
    Feel free to follow me on @Amplified_D2F
    Here’s to a prosperous and healthy 2011 for all!

  91. I hate to be the billionth person to say it, but this really was an awesome idea
    My name is Alex Horowitz. I’m based in NYC, and I am a Music Community Manager, helping to manage online communities in the music space for the company Big Fuel LLC. Big fuel is marketing agency, an entertainment studio, and a social media/distribution agency all in one. (You can check out more info on Big Fuel at http://bigfuel.com or http://www.contenttocommerce.com/)
    Previously I was an intern for a musician management company that worked with many A-list artists. With this company as well I was a social media/digital marketing professional as much as I was a music industry professional.
    Feel free to follow me on twitter @DrWadata and I’ll follow you back. (I don’t usually do the “follow me and I’ll follow you” thing, but for this sort of networking of course I genuinely want to meet as many of you as I can!)
    I’m looking forward to hearing from all of you. Happy New Year everybody!

  92. Hello Hypebot Community. First post to this thread in 2011! I’m Jack Kelly, run Adva Mobile, a mobile marketing platform to help recording artists reach their fans on mobile phones. We’re at http://www.advamobile.com. Hypebot is great because it’s a quick fix for what’s up in the industry. I’ll spend 2011 signing up more bands to use our service (we’re over 1,000 now) and adding new features, including an iPhone App, to the mobile web/Android app, mobile storefront and text messaging services we offer bands.

  93. Great to meet you all. My name is Michael Stover and I operate MTS Management, home of Cashbox Records recording artist, Bryan Cole. Check him out at http://www.bryancolemusic.com We’ve got alot coming up in 2011, including tour dates and recording Bryan’s 2nd CD. Wishing you all a happy new year!

  94. JBM Los Angeles – DIY music and entertainment marketing for established artists, properties, and labels. We handle business writing, royalty and digital tracking, digital ingestion, product management, top to bottom accounting and budgeting, all your social network marketing and website maintenance, creative marketing ideas and implementation, and prepare your product for market no matter what the genre. We also handle distribution and sales (have immediate access to over 2700 stores for the right product – preferably established hip hop, urban, rap, and/or oldies catalogs but we do work with other labels and distributors on all genres). We are very well connected and use a robust list of outside independent contractors to best get your music and/or catalogs in the retail and digital space. We are not artist managers. You should have your management, legal, and tour promoter in place before e-mailing us.

  95. Great idea!
    1st and foremost, I want to wish everyone a GREAT 2011 and it’s nice to meet you all.
    My name is BeN, i’m the founder of Radiorockcafe.com, an Internet radio station located in Montreal, Canada.
    We are in our 3rd year of operation with close to 20,000,000 hits for 2010. We broadcast ROCK, METAL and PUNK music 24/7/365 with a great selection of “In house” and “syndicated shows”
    Legally registered business in Canada and client of SOCAN.

  96. Hello Friends!
    My name is Ben Thompson. I live in South Florida. I currently manage an incredible band out of Gainesville, FL called The Impossible Shoelace. Over the next few months I plan to establish a publishing subsidiary, administering copyrights for a small number of wonderful bands and solo artists.
    I am always accessible, and can be reached at BThompsonProductions@gmail.com
    Check out The Impossible Shoelace at http://www.facebook.com/theimpossibleshoelace
    Have a wonderful Summer!

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