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Overheard At Today’s #SFMusicTech Part 1

image from (UPDATED) Highlights from this morning's sessions compiled from reports by Hypebot's man at SF Music Tech Hisham Dahud, tweets from the participants and more:

  • @CathyGellis says record companies are making more money from placement of songs in other media (e.g. ads) than selling records.
  • Social media "sweet spot:" 3-4 status updates per day on Facebook; 8-10 tweets per day on Twitter, 3-4 blog posts/week
  • "Accessibility is expected. Authenticity is required. An artist needs to be the complete package," according to Meridith Chin of Facebook
  • @dmscott says "Effective music artists are listening and engaging. Virtual pats on the back in incredibly powerful."
  • Sonos is experiencing issues of supporting applications for thousands of music services around the world.
  • @mskaff, CIO of SF Symphony tweets: "Curation is one of the hottest memes in social media at the moment. That's essentially what this is all about. 

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    1. Are there any music education related tech folks at the summit? We would love to participate next year! Cheers from Dallas – –

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