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Social Music Gaming App For Facebook Causes 15,000 Fans To Play With Songs For 15 Minutes

image from bondingelements.files.wordpress.com DJ and producer David Guetta has released a new Facebook PUMP IT game for his single 'Who’s that Chick?', powered by MXP4’s music gaming solution.

During the app's limited beta launch, over 15,000 users played with the game for more than 15 minutes per track, 50% shared and competed against their friends, and 60% of users played more than 20 times.

Some fans, likely trying to nail down the top score, played in excess of 300 times. I repeat, 300 times.

Why did so much activity occur? “Fans today are interested in doing far more than just listening to music – they want to be social with each other and the artist and they seek active participation instead of just leaning back and consuming,” Albin Serviant, CEO of MXP4, told Hypebot. The app also offers the chance to win prizes such as official merch, subscriptions to Spotify (where available) and the chance to meet David Guetta himself. The goal of the app is to encourage repeat visits to Guetta's Facebook page and viral distribution of his new music.

It's working.