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Sonicbids & Collaborate, Launch App

image from Sonicbids and have collaborated to launch a new app for artists to reach new fans. The app enables artists to trade recommendations with similar groups and promote to their fanbases through artist-approved status updates on social networking sites and mobile devices.

With this collaboration, Sonicbids artists will gain access to the app and be able to promote everything from their music to their upcoming gigs.

Sonicbids Founder and CEO Panos Panay writes: “This partnership echoes our mission to help artists cultivate relationships with other artists and reach new fans. We're excited to bring the app to Sonicbids members and help bands not only get gigs but also interact with their fans in a meaningful way.”

As you may know, the way that works is that artists can create custom promotional messages and service them to other artists in their genre. Then each time an artist recommends another artist to their fans, they earn Band Bucks, which can be used to send out their own promotions to reach new fans.

If you're aleady a Sonicbids artist, all you have to do is log in and click on the app in the featured apps section of their homepage.

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