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Tubeify Turns YouTube Into A Jukebox

Dfd A brand new mash up of, Billboard, and YouTube has emerged called Tubeify. It turns YouTube into a jukebox. Tomas Isdal, founder of the site, noticed how poorly YouTube handled music and decided to transform it into a traditional desktop music player. The most interesting feature of the service is "Time Travel."

This allows fans to pull up the Billboard chart for any week since 1964 and listen to the songs that were popular. Users can share their playlists with friends and playlist links can be shared anywhere. Through Tubeify, I'm listening to the latest Girl Talk album. It plays without interruptions. The search, since it's powered by, works amazingly. If the sound quality was cranked up a notch, it's easy to imagine what the wonders of Spotify will feel like… one day. (via TorrentFreak)

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  1. This is going to feel a little unintuitive, but youtube changes quality on the video, depending on the size you view it in. This also affects audio for many videos. So, if tracks like pure crap with tubeify, try make the video much bigger. It helps for many tracks.

  2. It doesn’t appear to play on the iPad or iPhone. Anybody had any luck? The site loads, but there’s no audio or video output.

  3. Jampri dot com does not require invites now, just gone out of invite only mode. I found it last week, easily let’s you create and listen to Music Playlists with friends.
    Requires a Facebook account on sign up.

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