Facebook vs. Twitter – A Graphic Breakdown Of 2010 Social Demographics

image from t1.gstatic.com The growth of Facebook and Twitter was explosive in 2010.  But who uses each service, how do the use them and when?  Where do they access each from? How do the two social giants compare? A powerful new infographic from Digital Surgeons answers many of these questions and enables quick and interesting comparisons.

Infographic: Favebook vs. Twitter in 2010:

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image from www.digitalsurgeons.com


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  1. So, is the fact that only 4% of the wealthiest are using both FB and Twitter an indication that they don’t waste their time, therefore they are wealthy? Or are they simply behind the times?

  2. Facebook is like a class reunion. Twitter is like a huge roundtable discussion. Which is better for business? We use both and get results from both social connections. Facebook “Like” helps us get the “word of mouth” connections from friends and actual customers, while “Tweets” bring us business from business people or businesses itself. I would suggest both platforms.
    Great points you mentioned in you articles. Thanks

  3. Well as per social networking point of view, Facebook scores will always be high. However twitter is also a great online platform where we can share and follow great thoughts and ideas.. Both has their own unique qualities and differences. We just have to find out. Cheers,
    Susan Smith.

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