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Music Biz News: Apple Launches Mac App Store, We7 Hits Ireland, Nielson Stats, HMV Shutters & More

  • Apple Debuts Mac App Store With 1,000 Free, Paid Apps. (DMW)
  • MUSIC STATS 2010: Nielson Soundscan offers an in depth look at the stats that define the music industry in 2010.
  • We7 to launch music-streaming service in Ireland. (Silicon Republic)
  • As UK music retailer HMV shutters 60 stores (BBC), people may view the decline as inevitable - but store closures will hurt independent labels more than the majors. (Guardian)

6a00d83451b36c69e20133f58067d2970b-800wi More Music Industry News:

  • BitTorrent Inc. To Launch All-In-One BitTorrent Ecosystem. (TF)
  • Facebook Faces IPO or SEC Disclosure in 2012 (Wired)
  • Labels still looking forward to Google Music, Spotify less so. (Reuters)
  • Why the Dave Matthews Band Model Won't Save Music. (Atlantic)
  • At Apple, everything is "revolutionary" (ZDnet
  • A CES Long Shot: Meet the Beamz, Guitar Hero’s Odd Cousin (All Things Digital)
  • Special Report: Music Industry’s Lavish Lobby Campaign For Digital Rights. (IP)
  • Ask the indie professor: Why are there so many white indie bands? (Guardian)
  • The SoundCloud Desktop App. (SC)
  • Looking up: 2011 is ready to rock. Business may be going from bad to worse but the music is thriving, says Neil McCormick. (Telegraph)
  • Your Constituents Are Your Allies. (GeorgeHoward
  • The “Fallacy of Intellectual Property” Fallacy. (Copyhype
  • Everything costs more now, so why is it still $5 to see a local rock show in Nashville? (NS)
  • Katy Perry Sells Most Digital Singles in Dismal Year For Record Sales. (RS)
  • Gracenote gets into mood-music. (MusicAlly
  • Swedish Music Service Launching In U.S. (No, Not That One) (PC)