Intuit GoPayment Lowers Cost Of Selling Merch

image from gopayment.com Selling merch at gigs is an essential source of income for many bands and Intuit made it more profitable by lowering both startup and transaction costs for mobile credit card processing. Intuit now offers free card readers compatible with most mobile devices and is waiving monthly fees for most customers who sign up for GoPayment by mid-February. Even better, the deal actually favors artists who don't sell big quantities:

More & A Demo Video

Bands doing a smaller or intermittent credit card processing won't pay a monthly service fee and be charged a rate of 2.7% for a swiped card and 3.7% a keyed in card or for non-qualified transactions plus a 15 cents per transaction fee.

Bands doing a higher volume will l be charged $12.95 monthly, but with a lower transaction rates: 1.7% swiped, 2.7% keyed in, and 3.7% for non-qualified transactions plus 30 cents per transaction. 

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  1. I wonder how this service compares to Square? I think Square has just one fixed price for all transactions. That’s odd you’d get penalized for selling more. That sounds like something that could backfire.

  2. From what i read on square site they only give you option of high rate. If I do a lot if sales it’s a bad deal so I’m looking at gopayment options which look better.

  3. Wishing these types of services were available in Australia… Have been looking for a good iphone app/card reader here, but not many (if any) options I can see.

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