It’s Official: First Master Degree In Beatles Awarded

image from www.breakingnewsweek.com Back in 2009, Liverpool Hope University launched a Master Of Arts course, titled The Beatles – Popular Music and Society.

A Canadian woman has become the first person to graduate with the degree. In the course, Mary-Lu Zahalan-Kennedy told the BBC that she studied, "how The Beatles came to be. What the political and social climate was and the cultural aspects that helped to facilitate an environment where The Beatles' could happen."

The course also entailed learning the history of British music and politics, as well as, an analysis of the economic state of the country during that time and "what people were doing to stay positive and how music impacted on everyday life."

With news like this, it's always temping to ask questions like, will there ever be another group like The Beatles, one that warrants academic study? Probably not.

But many critics have argued that even The Beatles aren't a subject for serious academic research. So, it depends on who you ask. Of course, academic study into The Beatles has been happening in campuses across the world for decades.

It just tool Liverpool this long to jump in.

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