MOG Links Up With Verizon – App Will Come Preinstalled In All Android Phones

image from MOG has landed a deal with Verizon. It will now come preinstalled on all 4G Android phones. Users will be able to sign up for MOG accounts using Verizon carrier billing.

No need to pull out the credit card.

This removes two of the biggest roadblocks that MOG has to surmount: user awareness and ease of payment.

Being that MOG is in the business of selling subscriptions, it's never easy to raise awareness of their service and make paying for it simple and painless.

a) They're already on the phone and b) by allowing MOG to be billed through Verizon, they've removed a mental barrier. The second that a new user pulls out their credit card, the more they second guess their buy. Now, it's a click away.

This gives MOG a leg up in the online music streaming race, but Rhapsody and Rdio will follow their lead – if they haven't already. Many users of Verizon refer to preinstalled apps as bloatware and aren't very happy that yet another app will be jammed into their phones. However, this is still a big day for MOG, regardless.

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