Music Biz News: Google Newsstand, Video Fuels iTunes, ISP Music, Facebook Worth $500B, & More

  • Could Google save or reinvent the music magazine? Google pushing publishers to support a digital newsstand for Android devices.That means chasing Apple, which already sells digital versions of magazines and papers through iTunes. (WSJ)
  • Videos are fueling iTunes' growth. (Investors Business Daily)
  • Is 2011 the year of the ISP music service? "I had hoped we might see an unlimited music download and streaming ISP subscription service in 2010 but the industry continued to move at a snail's pace". (Guardian)

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  • Goldman Sachs Invests $450 Million In Facebook At $50 Billion Valuation. (Business Insider)
  • Congrats to Topspin's Ian Rogers: 2011 Faces to Watch: Movies, TV and New Media. (LAT)
  • Are MP3s Worth Buying? (DrewBaker)
  • Spotify Is the Coolest Music Service You Can't Use (Wired) and Spotify" (LefsetzLetter)
  • KT Tunstall: "I'm no pop puppet – my record label lets me be myself." (Daily Record)
  • Digital Music Forum comes East in February.
  • Falling Sales, Falling Profit Margins: The Record Companies in 2010. (ST)
  • An essay on Streamonomics. (TechCrunch
  • Music books to curl up with this winter. (NWT)
  • Deconstructing Pop Culture: Virgin Records. (MNW
  • Why Is This News – Live NYE Spotify US Launch Countdown Edition! (TC
  • Anti-Piracy Strategies Designed to Hurt Torrent Sites in 2011. (TF
  • Wal-Mart Stops Selling Kids CD With Profanities. (ABC)
  • Seven Technologies That Will Rock 2011. (TC
  • Digital DIY music platform Bandcamp finds its footing with artists like Amanda Palmer, Sufjan Stevens and RJD2. (LAT
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