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Pomplamoose Actually Has Terrible Internet [VIDEO]

image from Below is a short interview that YouTube did with Jack Conte and Natalie Dawn of Pomplamoose. In it, there are several great and insightful quotes. Right off the bat, Conte says that, "It's important to know that artists are normal dudes."

Given that Pomplamoose publishes a variety of media on a weekly-basis, Conte noted that it's impossible for them to be anything other than themselves.

While he certainly wishes that he could come off as the "brilliant artist" type, that's not who he is. He's a normal dude that plays music and wishes to keep doing so for as long as possible. This sentiment was echoed by the following quote wherein Conte says that, "Our goal is to be a self-sustaining business."

Instead of worrying about getting more views on YouTube, the group focuses on playing songs that they think are interesting and providing their fans with ways to support their work. While they have a variety of business and creative goals, they treat Pomplamoose like a business and do what they can to make it sustainable.

It wasn't until the end that Conte offered up the most interesting aside.

Despite being known as an Internet act, Pomplamoose actually has terrible Internet where they live. It often takes an entire night for them to upload their "videosongs" to YouTube. They connect via 3G and that's all they have.

As well, the group talks about the car commercials they did with Hyundai.

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