Sign of the Times: Sony Closes Major CD-Manufacturing Plant in New Jersey

image from www.fastdisc.com After 50 years in operation, Sony is closing a major CD-manufacturing plant in New Jersey.

The killer: the shift to digital music downloads and a soft economy. Surprise. Once the Sony DADC plant in Pitman ceases manufacturing operations, about 300 workers will lose their jobs. Sorry guys.

In the early days, the Sony DADC plant produced vinyl music albums for Columbia Records. The label opened the Pitman Plant in May of 1961.

Then Sony acquired it in 1987 when it bought Columbia Records.

At present the Pitman plant pressed CDs for multiple artists, but in late March, its doors will close. Sony did so in an attempt to cut costs and stay competitive.

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  1. “After 50 years in operation, Sony is closing a major CD-manufacturing plant in New Jersey”
    Wow. That’s especially impressive since CDs weren’t sold commercially ’til 1982! They must’ve stockpiled copies of Dark Side of the Moon for the first 20 years 😛

  2. “In the early days, the Sony DADC plant produced vinyl music albums for Columbia Records.”

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