Sonicbids Adds Its Own Facebook Profile Builder Plus A Video Tour

image from www.themillstreet.com RootMusic is getting kudos for its program that creates great looking Facebook Profiles and ReverbNation has a popular tool that makes it  even easier by pulling from assets already stored in its system.  Now Sonicbids has added a Profile builder with a feature that encourages fans to "Like" an artist:

  • As you might expect, Sonicbids pulls content from subscriber's EPKs. 
  • Users can customize the look of their tab with a banner image or color scheme (can be Sonicbids colors, Facebook colors or color scheme.
  • Most interstingly, paying Supersonic members have an added “like locking” capability. To help acquire more fans, bands can lock all of their content until they’re liked or lock everything but a single song or video.

Watch a video tour:

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  1. I doubt locking content will be popular on Facebook, which is already a “secret society” type of network in the fact that only Facebook users can see content. Sonicbids is consistently behind the times …

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