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Facebook Changes "Like" Button To "Share" Without Notice & What It Means To You

image from On Sunday, Facebook changed its “Like” button on sites across the net to essentially give it the same functionality as its “Share” button. The new Like button no longer opens a new window or offers any way to edit what their posting.

What does this mean for your site?

Before the change,  “likes” appeared in a stream or on a wall as an action grouped with other actions and containing no detail other than a small notice that the user had "liked" something. "Shares" were more prominently displayed and contained more detail. Now the entire post (or whatever is being "liked") is shared on Facebook without warning. 

The move gives "Likes" and "Shares equal value, as Facebook once again rewrites the best practices for social marketing.

Is the Share button dead?

According to Facebook Spokeswoman Malorie Lucich, the Share button will receive no future development, but the company will continue to support the Share button. Like is now the “recommended solution moving forward.”

Techi called the move a "classic bait and switch" by the social network. "Website owners will rejoice. Unsuspecting users will likely get annoyed," speculated Sosable.

What do you think of Facebook's Like button changes?