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Facebook Shares Hold 3x More Value Than Tweets

image from Facebook has proven its value to artists and music marketers yet again. According to ChompOn, an e-commerce platform, the value of a Facebook share is $14 and the value of a Tweet is $5. To infer, that's the difference between a fan buying a physical album or a digital EP. A Facebook like on the other hand is worth $8 while a Tweet is valued at only $2. Why the vast difference? Because Facebook more closely matches our real friends. Twitter is great for getting the word out, but when it comes to making money for an artist, Facebook is the winner.

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  1. I’m not sure what all that math refers to, but I agree that Facebook is more valuable to me than Twitter as a musician. The basics of a musician career – selling albums, getting gigs, etc. – have been much easier for me on Facebook.

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