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get-ctrl – A Simple, Yet Powerful Artist Site Platform

image from How do you create a great looking artist website – for free – in 15 minutes? get-ctrl is a website builder and fan management platform that enables artists to manage their online presence in one place and track fan engagement. On the back-end, artists can update the site, oversee their fanbase, and gain insight into the data that is captured. get-ctrl also lets artists create apps (not free) and automatically update them along with their other social networks.

When fans interact with the app, get-ctrl captures all the data and presents it as a simple graph. That way, artists can easily tell which parts fans are using the most. Of course, get-ctrl enables artists to create a Facebook Page tab too.

The main goal that the company has in mind is to provide artists with a powerful, yet centralized platform that enables features to be automated and updateable from a single location, i.e. the website back-end. With this platform, artist can track what time fans log in, how long for, how much they spend and on what, where they are, what device, if they connect with Facebook or Twitter, and many other things. In the future, get-ctrl will focus on offering artists actionable insights into how tailor the platform to best cater to their unique fans, as well as, more features and upgrades to how data is presented while still keeping things simple.

With the exception of the iPhone app (which costs £25 then £10 per month), get-ctrl provides this to artists for free and only takes 12% commission after Pay Pal charges. These days, many artists are looking for alternatives to MySpace and get-ctrl provides them with a simple, yet powerful platform to run their site and manage their fans; it also provides SEO and an HTML e-mail creation tools. 

The company is still in beta and has 600 registered artists.

Here's some screenshots:


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