Hitlantis – Discover New Music at the Fringes

22435454 Another day, another music discovery tool.

Hitlantis is a Helsinki-based startup that's striving to make finding music more visual.

Bands placed at the center of the visualization are at the center while obscure acts reside at the fringes. Color signifies genre. Each dot on the heat map represents a specific artist.

Bands can secure placement on the Hitlantis, but the company will take 10% of sales. At present, the music selection is rather limited. 65% of the bands on the site are from Finland. This site and soon to be app aren't essential, but they will give you a brand-new music discovery tool to experiment with for a bit. Watch:

(via Mashable)

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  1. i think you want “fringes” (but i love “fridges”). don’t mean to be grammar police, sorry.
    guy in the video has hands like me. poor guy.
    the idea of making music more family tree-oriented is kind of cool.

  2. Very interesting spin on music discovery. Don’t think it will prevail but music discovery sites are needed now, or at least new radio stations that spend half their air time playing new music constantly.

  3. This site rocks! I think it’s very innovative and easy to use. Could do with a few more features, but a brilliant way to investigate random bands and finding other acts that are building a following.

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