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HOW TO: Turn Radio Airplay Into Music Sales

image from www.ninebullets.netIf you're getting radio airplay, how do you turn that exposure into traffic and sales? In this short video, Nimbit President and co-founder Phil Antoniades shares his experience with getting radio airplay and how he used promo codes to drive users and sales on his site.

Two things are true about radio: they like giving stuff away and saying their station name. So, Antoniades used the station name as the promo code and let the radio DJs give them away. It's an iningenious bit of advice.  Watch the Video:

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  1. I did the same thing with the band Freestate. I gave them a list of station IDs and had them record all of them and send them back to me to send to the stations. We may actually do that radio promo thing though with giving them the codes.
    What we actually did do that was different was capitalize on other rock bands’ popularity and other social networks. How we did that was say make coupon codes for “BandName” and they were good for $1 off the album. Then we told that band it existed, and that for every person that bought the album for a $1 discount with that code, we’d pay the band $1. So we lose $2 on a digital sale, but it’s worth it. That band’s fans get $1 off, and the band makes $1 for every sale after typing a few words and hitting enter. Win-win-win.
    The key though is telling the bands not to promote it for the money, but only if they’d recommend it to their fans anyway.

  2. Great piece, this is a great idea. The problem is actually getting the radio play, but thats a different subject.

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