Music Biz News: 30,055 Albums at $5.99, Music Fandom, Facebook, YouTube the Movie & More

  • Who says that download prices are too high?: Amazon MP3 has 30,055 albums for sale at $5.99 or less right now including new Cut Copy and Mumford & Sons releases. (Amazon)
  • I'm a Belieber: The 11 Greatest Superfan Communities (Rolling Stone)
  • Facebook reaches more than half of all of US web users, but less than 20 million US adults used Twitter at least monthly in 2010. (eMarketer)
  • YouTube the Movie: 'The Chronicles of Rick Roll' announced. A collection of Internet stars from Antoine Dodson to the Double Rainbow Guy are making a movie. (Billboard)

6a00d83451b36c69e20133f58067d2970b-800wi More News:

  • Pirate Bay documentary gets government funding in Sweden. (MusicAlly
  • Interview with Panos Panay, CEO of Sonicbids. (MusicanCoaching)
  • Why 24-bit Audio From Apple Will Be Bad For Users. (Gizmodo)  
  • Spotify nabs REM album exclusive. (TechRadar
  • Physical media vs. files: And the winner is? (CNET
  • Spotify hopes to follow its famous artists by cracking America. (Indie)
  • Cool Kids Strike New Deal; Earn 100% Of Profits On Album. (AllHipHop)
  • Why the Facebook Like Button Change is a 'Bait and Switch'. (Techi)
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