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OK Go App Turns Fans Into Human Etch A Sketch [VIDEO]

image from With backing from Range Rover, OK Go have released a free iPhone app as part of a "global GPS art project" and crowdsourced "celebratory video."  Turning fans into a human Etch A Sketch is just the latest twist in OK Go's viral journey, with funding now coming from corporate sponsors rather than a major label. Watch the video:

It started with quirky YouTube videos, but now free of EMI's constraints and timetable, Damain Kulash and his band are free to go wherever imagination and opportunity takes them. Like Imogen Heap, who I interviewed with Kulash on stage at Midem last month, they are part of a new breed of artists who don't see fan interaction and social media as just marketing tools, but rather as an essential part of their creative process.

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  1. Do they make music too? I never hear their music, or hear about their music. At some point, it must be a concern that the marketing gimmicks can overshadow the product.

  2. Its a shame that more people know about their videos than their music, but then again, it’s always been a trend in society for good music to be largely ignored (Who Is Arcade Fire, anyone? :P)
    OK Go’s latest album, which came out early last year, got mostly good reviews, and I can say it’s definitely one of my faves of this decade so far. I think with the latest album, OK Go have found their sound, and they should stick to this more mature-sounding quirky funkiness.

  3. Oh, and might I add:
    Their marketing ‘gimmicks’ are what set them apart from other big bands of this era. Their art does not only involve their music (and their songs CAN stand by themselves), but also creativity in all sorts of other forms. But I’m sure they know they’re a rock band first and foremost, so I don’t really think anyone needs to worry about the quality of their music.

  4. yes they do.Great music!just search on youtube OK Go and you’ll find alot of their creative music videos for their songs

  5. Really? Cause I didn’t even know about OK Go’s vids until I found them on twitter and stumbled across this link.
    And I’ve had their songs for ages.

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