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OMP3 – Let 1,000 Grooveshark Music Stores Bloom

image from omp3.orgOMP3 has created a free software program that allows anyone to start a music sharing site and store. It's powered by Grooveshark. Users can set up affiliate tie-ins and advertising which will enable them to monetize the software. Right now, the company is funded through donations. To the best of Hypebot's understanding, OMP3 wants 1,000 Grooveshark music stores to bloom.

The company wants sites of all kinds to start selling music. And for fans to have more places to buy music. Each store can be customized to focus on the users specific desires. If need be, they can highlight only emerging and new artists.

OMP3's believes they can help combat file-sharing by allowing a high number of websites to create their own music sharing sites and stores. Of course, being that OMP3 is powered by Grooveshark, that's a legal complication. But, putting that issue aside for a moment, there appears to be no malicious intent here.

What's your take?