Rewind – The Music Industry’s Week In Review: CD-Complex, Topspin, MySpace, Spotify & More

  • Top four reasons why the CD-Release Complex is dying.
  • What's Topspin like? Hypebot's take. Readers weigh in.
  • Why music biz students shouldn't let the sky fall on them.
  • iTunes may get an audio upgrade. But do people care?
  • MySpace Music President Courtney Holt has now exited
  • This chart shows the yearlong fatal decline of MySpace.

244011 More Rewind:

  • get-ctrl is a simple, yet powerful new artist site platform.
  • Here are six insights that are critical to industry success.
  • The pieces of Apple's cloud offering are coming together.
  • A U.S. distribution for Spotify via Universal is on the way.
  • Take a look at this graphic of where the industry resides.
  • Ryan interviewed New Music Seminar's Tom Silverman.
  • Many types of singles exist. Here's how to market them.
  • Exec bashes Grammys in NYT ad, and why he's wrong.
  • ZMX Music has created a direct-to-fan publishing tool.
  • Will Apple hold strong on their in-app subscription tax?
  • Hypebot ran into the only fan of Ping earlier this week.
  • How to turn radio airplay into traffic and music sales.

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