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Sell Sheet Music Direct-To-Fan with ZMX Music

Capture56 These days, artists are always on the lookout for additional revenue streams.

For you, selling sheet music might be one of them.

ZMX Music is a new direct-to-fan publishing system that provides artists with the tools to distribute and sell sheet music to their fans.

“The traditional sheet music business has high costs and too many layers in the distribution chain,” says CEO Eric Ziering. “ZMX Music has a more efficient process that lets us lower prices to consumers and pay more to composers.”

When artists sell sheet music from their website and social networks they can earn 30-50% in royalties and track sales through online reports.

Currently, there are many digital sheet music providers online, but none of them appear to offer this direct-to-fan feature. For some, this may be a useful service.

Is this service of interest? Or is it already provided elsewhere?

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  1. Hi guys, I work with ZMX Music. We create high quality sheet music (that’s key cause there’s A LOT of really poorly made sheet music out there)and provide a sales widget that artists place on their websites, FB, and MySpace pages making it very easy for the fans to find.
    And Will, it’s actually a great deal considering few artists outside of the Top 40 are offered sheet music opportunities and those artists typically only make 10-12% from its sale….so yeah, 30-50% is a VAST improvement!

  2. That’s actually a really good percentage. We’re in talks with both Hal Leonard and Alfred publishing – you’d only get about 10% from them. That’s pretty standard. Think of it like a record label deal. They’re doing all the work, all the manufacturing, all the distribution, and incurring all the costs. You’re just providing content but they have to really do all the work and put up all the money.

  3. If you can create your own sheet music, then these services do exist already. A combo transcription/posting service may be new.

  4. Perhaps this will encourage traditional publishers to get their catalogues actually published! My big problem with sheet music has always been getting hold of it.

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