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Sonicbids & Songtrust Partner For D.I.Y Publishing

image from Later today Sonicbds further expands its artist services offering with the addition of a new  Songtrust app within each artist's account. The app will help members manage their music publishing rights inexpensively and without the help of a publisher. Songtrust, developed by Downtown Music, simplifies song registration and royalty collections, and is on its way to becoming for d.y.i. music publishing what Tunecore is for digital distribution.

Within the app users can also maximize licensing opportunities and track where their songs are being used. “My Reports” within their Sonicbids Songtrust account tracks income by type of use, album and territory.

“Songtrust alleviates one of the biggest fears that composers have, namely their music being broadcast and used without their permission,” said Panos Panay, founder and CEO of Sonicbids. “Songtrust compliments the next generation of emerging artists. With Songtrust, songwriters can focus on their craft knowing that their music publishing rights are being professionally managed.”