AM News Brief: EMI Loses ‘Down Under’ Appeal, mSpot Reacts, Digital Music Ad Rules, A2IM & More

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  • EMI loses 'Down Under'  Men At Work rip-off appeal – The label lost an appeal against a ruling that the 1980's hit" Down Under ripped off "Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree". (TelegraphUniversal and EMI rethinking iTunes LP as iPad apps with social features. (9to5Mac
  • A day after Amazon announced its cloud music locker, competitor mSpot raised its free sotrage to 5GB and lowered pricing.
  • Digital music player ads must not encourage copying, rules ad regulator. (Out-law)
  • Foursquare's Jonathan Crowley Talks About Company's Push Into Music Biz (Billboard


  • Indie label trade group A2IM is concerned by reports that Rhapsody is seeking direct (and more favorable) deals for music streaming. (A2IM)
  • An Open Letter to the Big Music Labels: Pipe Up, Please! (MediaMemo)
  • HOW TO: Get Your Fans To Use Their Phone for Good During Concerts. (Mashbale)
  • How can I make my music collection more accessible? (Ars
  • How Amazon has outsmarted the music industry (and Apple) (ZDNET
  • Pandora CEO: The Complexity Of International Copyright Law Is Huge Problem. (PaidContent)
  • DAVID POGUE: The Amazon Cloud That Rains Music. (NYT)
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