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Apple In Negotiations To Offer Unlimited Downloads, Move Could Cement iTunes Dominance

image from Apple is in talks with all four major record companies to offer unlimited downloads of purchased music. This would enable iTunes customers to sync their music across different Apple devices. While the labels have been reluctant to grant multiple download rights previously, Apple's relatively closed eco-sytem could offer them a level of comfort.

Is This DRM 2.0?

Sources tell Bloomberg that the deal would allow music to be downloaded to Macs, iPods, iPad and iPhone devices, as long as they were linked to the same iTunes account. 

The service, which would also provide a permanent backup of music purchases, could make dethroning Apple as music's dominant retailer more difficult. Only Sony is in a position to offer a similar array of conveniently linked devices and services; though Microsoft and Google could convince rightsholders to allow unlimited downloads controlled by their operating systems.

Whatever the details, the major labels are once again bolstering an already dominate Apple in the name of re-exerting control of music purchases by encouraging (forcing?) use within a defined eco-system.

If a deal is made, Apple's new service would launch this summer.