BMI Still Under Cyber Attack From Anonymous

image from static.arstechnica.com (Update 2 8:40AM Thursday) Attacks continued to cripple the web site of performing rights organization BMI.  The site was down all day on Wednesday and continued to be offline on Thursday morning. The problems stem from an attack by cyber anarchists Anonymous. "Operation Payback is back. Our objectives are clear, war on Copywrong," reads one poster (see larger image below) sent by the infamous group. "We will not rest until our demands our met. Join the discussion, join the fight. The major shitstorm has resumed." Why BMI?

A statement from the group reads:

"We have seen BMI consistently legislate copyright and consequently have decided to take action to show the people will not stand for its crimes against the public.

 As of the time of the writing of this letter, BMI has been taken down by our successful attack. 

"This is a message to you and other corporations like you: We will not stand this abuse anymore. No company shall take advantage of our government to churn out profits and censor information in any form. 

"This is unacceptable and will be dealt with accordingly by Anonymous.

"We are not pirates, we are not hackers in our mother’s basement. We are Anonymous. We do not forgive, we do not forget, you should have expected us."

image from static.arstechnica.com
 image via ars

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