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Google +1 - A Powerful New Music Marking Tool

image from Google Search has become the standard for how we find everything including music and tickets. It's why music marketers care about Wikepedia and MySpace - they rank high in search results. Yesterday, Google introduced a new feature that influences those results, +1. To recommend something, users click a +1 button on a page or ad much like a tweet or like button with results appearing in Google search. More + Video:

To start, we'll see +1  buttons appear next to Google Search results, ads and with other Google products. But over time Google hopes that web designers, bloggers and others will add +1 buttons too.  Marketers know they value of making social sharing easy.  Most artists, however, have been slow to add tweet, like and other sharing buttons; not just on the front page of their site, but also next to individual blog posts, tour dates and other information that fans are often eager to broadcast. 

More info on Google +1 here and watch the intro video: