Google’s Music Service Found By Hackers

image from FOUND: Google's cloud-based music service. Hackers have exposed that not only does it exist, but it works too.

Once the leaked Honeycomb music player is correctly installed on Android, users synced their music libraries to Google's servers. Since the service hasn't been made publically available, they haven't run into any storage limits.

Once Google's music cloud is officially launched, users will be locked out, as there will be a pay wall. But for now, they can enjoy their new remote streaming capabilities. Reports say that Google's service is months away from release.

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  2. A “Cloud” obscures your freedom, too much vapour.
    Ditch the digital, stay solid.
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  3. I bet that the Hackers were from Google themselves, and this is one way to make the news of a Google “Music Service” more interesting.
    Does anyone know who the hackers are? In all the reports so far, no.
    Or am I just cynical?

  4. This service should be free and open only in JAPAN. It’s blocked in other countries and you need to do a lot of job to get it working :>
    pp. You don’t need to be a HACKER to find hidden services :p

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