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How Can Artists Drive Fans From Offline to Online?

2.1-Music On Music Think Tank, Marcus Taylor has tips on how to drive fans to your website. People need a reason to visit your website. He talks about the growing popularity of QR codes and how you can use the code with exclusive content. What have you used to drive fans online from offline?

Marcus Taylor recounts his experiences:

“In my experience, one of the most compelling things to offer at a live gig are the photos or videos of the audience, as everyone enjoys trying to spot themselves in the crowd!”

And check out Hypebot's QR code contest with Sharesquare here.

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  1. I don’t understand these “drive your fans” here, convert them there, stories. Were any of these music biz “experts” ever fans themselves? Do they understand that fans are fans of the music, the gigs, the lyrics, the artists… NOT their business models and grandiose social media experiments. By all means give the fans what they want but don’t think they are sheep who can be manipulated.

  2. Offering fans something free to check out your site is a great way to rill them in! Like one free download or something like that.

  3. If I can take it further Tarsha.
    Set up a single web page with the offer/deal/freebie on your own website and then use a url shortener on that single page.
    Now instead of the venue stamping people in to the gig, get the band to give the venue their own stamp which is the same link as the url you have just shortened.
    Might be a neater way to package the free download or whatever else your band wish to offer as the link is on them and they need it until the gig has finished.

  4. Yes – best idea yets, make sur venue lok off the toilets so the punturs cant wash is off ther hands. or — rite it on them with perment markers. make is last longer

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