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Choosing A Band Name So You Will Be Found Online

Seo Chris Bolton writes on Music Think Tank about the importance of choosing the right band name. Bands need to choose a unique name that fans can find easily online. Throughout his post, Bolton breaks down the DOs and DON’Ts of creating a band name that is search engine optimized (SEO). If you already have a band name, is it easy for fans to find online or are they struggling to figure out how to spell it?

Bolton warns that,

“Many musicians have discovered (the hard way) that an unsearchable band name can hurt sales, reduce concert attendance, and frustrate fans.”

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  1. Bet those unsearchable band names are a lot f***ing better than band names picked because they’re easy to find on google search engines.
    In an era where typing:
    [unsearchable band name] myspace
    into google will find your band as long as you have a myspace page, this is a load of McMusic pish.
    For f***s sake, is there anyone left who is an ‘authority’ on the Biz (for authority read ‘big mouth corporate cock) who has even an echo of a soul left?

  2. eyeseesound,
    why does a band name have to be creative for a band to be creative…look at the doors, love, stars, the strokes, ride (etc.)
    this article makes a lot of sense, and it is important. unsearchable band names can be anything from generic names to stoopid mispelings. It’s just a quick guide..
    If you really care about the music, who cares about a name? might as well make it easy to find (that’s what it’s all about, right? people hearing music)

  3. that’s a fair point and delivered far calmer than my initial mail.
    I do, however, still object to ANYONE picking their name based on google searchability. A name should come from the band because it means something to them, crap name or great name.
    You’ll have to forgive me, I just live in a little world where things like this are corporate/commercial pish… sure, it makes sense… in a corporate/commercial way… but it stilla soulless contrived approach to an artform that means too much to me (and many others)
    Plus, if, as you said, a band makes good music, then people will write about it and it will be found… then you can call yourselves anything and not have to care about the above.
    If I need to find a band with a ‘challenging’ name, I simply add myspace or facebook to the name, and i think that may have failed once.

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