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Rebecca Black’s “Friday” Played 12 Times on Radio

Rebecca-black-friday(UPDATED) Commercial radio gets quite a bit of criticism for playing mindless pop music. Interestingly enough, stations have opted not to give Rebecca Black's viral video single "Friday" much airplay. According to Billboard, the song has only been played 12 times in its entirety in the March 16-22 tracking week.

That's right. Of the more than 1,200 stations monitored by BDS for Hot 100 Airplay, DJs only dared to play "Friday" 12 times. Despite having 43,434,327 views on YouTube, which is 22,317,762 more views than Lady Gaga's hit single "Born This Way"; stations don't seem to want any part of the web phenomena.

Will radio change their mind? Maybe. For now, Black remains denied airplay.