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SEO for the Discerning Musician

Search_engine_marketing On Music Think Tank, Christopher Davis demystifies the notion of search engine optimization (SEO).

In his post, he gives ways that artists can make their websites, blogs, etc. more search engine and people friendly. With the abundance of artists on the music scene now, it is very important for artists to break through the clutter which includes great website content.

Christopher Davis believes that,

“Search engine optimization (SEO) often gets passed off as a sort of snake oil — some gimmicky trick that people do to manipulate search results in their favor.”

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  1. Let’s play or listen for some SEO today my friends! Thanks for the article! A very odd SEO tip for musicians would be: Do not link from your website to stores where people can buy your product. A very interesting and informative article. Thansks for it.
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