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Sick of Sarah Goes ‘Platinum’ via BitTorrent

811481010781 In February, it was announced that Sick of Sarah would be releasing their latest album "2205" through BitTorrent's pilot program, Featured Artists. Hypebot has since learned that Sick of Sarah's release has been downloaded over one million times, which is quite an achievement for any indie act.

Sick of Sarah approached BitTorrent with the mindset that a promotion like this could help bring their music to new fans and increase concert attendance and merch sales in the long-run. Given the results, it's safe to say that the indie act was right.

BitTorrent, looking to legitimatize their influence and technology, got behind the release, promoted it, and ensured that it would be a success.

During the last month, everyone who downloaded uTorrent or BitTorrent Mainline application was automatically downloading the Sick of Sarah album unless they opted out, TorrentFreak reports. "Sick of Sarah also set a new BitTorrent record for the largest number of active seeders on a music album ever."

It had 82,943 seeders.

In an exchange with TorrentFreak, Sick of Sarah's bassist Jamie Holm said

"Our success on the BitTorrent platform has been overwhelming. This technology and audience aren't only the future, they're here today."

Holm says that she welcomes all the "the new fans and hope our experiments with online distribution and fan engagement open up new doors for other artists."

Due to Sick of Sarah's experiment, the group attained what could be called the digital equivalent of shipping platinum. A feat every indie act secretly wishes for.

Mission accomplished.