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The Facebook Dilemma: “New” Media, Just Like the “Old” Media

Dislike_zuck Paul Schatzkin posts about his frustrations with Facebook on Music Think Tank. He explains that he created a Facebook fan page for The 1861 Project and added features so that visitors are greeted by music. However, Facebook decided that the page was a community page so The 1861 Project fan page was re-categorized and the default tab was disabled. In order to fix the problem, Paul decided to try and contact Facebook. Needless to say, it didn't go well. Find out what happened here.

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  1. Thank you Natalie for notifying us of Paul’s article. That’s quite an eye-opener. Yet, the known fact that major labels are minority stake holders in sites like F*c*book or youtube, thereby protecting their privileges from independent competition, already was a hint in this direction.
    As if F*c*book locking out unregistered users from your artist page ever would generate good promotion for your product.
    Let’s just say the sheer thought of that is anti-intuitive.

  2. Yesterday I had trouble adding comments because I kept getting server errors and today the same thing is happening. So if anyone is monitoring this in real time, right now I can’t add a comment to the thread over there.

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