What Music Service Has The Most Songs? [CHART]

image from Catalog size is an important aspect of subscription services for core music fans. So, who has the largest one of them all? Spotify. As of this month, Spotify has 12.7 million songs in its catalog. Rhapsody is right behind them with 11 million songs and MOG has 10 million songs. The truth is that most casual fans won't be able to tell the difference in catalogs, but when it comes to looking for those obscure, yet wonderful songs, it looks like Spotify is winner.

There's honestly nothing worse than searching for an artist in your music app and finding out that they're either too obscure to make the cut or are like Metallica and others who have decided to opt out of subscription music. Take a look:

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(Image via pansentient)

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  1. CDBaby and Tunecore probably account for 3M tracks but 99% of those tracks are more than likely by artists that are either dormant, unknown beyond the family and friends of the band and unlikely to be played on any of these streaming services and likely sell less than 50 copies (being generous) on iTunes.
    It would be more helpful to know which significant labels are missing form any of the services above.

  2. CD Baby isn’t partnered with Rdio, so that’s a big hole right there. Hopefully they will be soon, because I want Rdio users to hear my music!

  3. Ha, well, I will put you in my collection when that day comes! And, I don't know if you can call me an Rdio user though, as I have most of the music apps out there on my Touch. Gotta try em' all.

  4. Thanks for including the link-back Kyle 😉
    On my comment stream a user notes that Deezer is now up to 8 million, while another claims Napster has 14 million (although the site where I got the figure from claims 10 million).
    Oh, and Brian’s music as Color Theory is brilliant minimal synthpop, so make sure you give it a listen!

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