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Want To Make $50,000 a Year In Music? Start With One Dollar a Day

4835997336_aca57d895d On Music Think Tank, Chris Seth discusses how musicians can make additional income just by starting out with one dollar a day.

It is as simple as playing the guitar on a street corner. Throughout his post, he adds additional sources of income and explains that individuals can make more money than an entire band. Chris gives some advice: “Do it every day. Daily. Every day is an opportunity."

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  1. I’ve read it before, and this was quite a surprising experience, learning that you don’t actually have to make loads of cash daily out of music to make a living!

  2. I played in the NYC subway system off and on for years. I worked at a music school and rental company that would lay me off during the winter months. For a couple of winters I would get by playing guitar/singing and selling my homemade demos in hallways and platforms. After the company went under, I spent a year and a half just getting by playing in the subway. How much did I make? It varied from day to day, but I pulled in between $200-$250 a week on average. I was playing the maximum amount of time that I could until I couldn’t sing anymore and I had holes in my fingers! That isn’t enough for most people to get by, but I worked my way into a very affordable living situation where it allowed me to get by just enough. Let me tell you… it’s NOT easy! It can be a struggle at times! I was lucky though to have met a lot of nice people and those that commented nicely upon my talent, but you also have to deal with people who will try to distract you or give you a hard time.
    I still do it from time to time and would suggest it to anyone who wants to be a professional musician because it teaches you the three P’s! Patience, perseverance, and professionalism!


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