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Will You Join Me At The Rethink Music Conference? [Exclusive 40% Off Discount]

image from MIDEM and The Berklee College of Music have added a new conference to our already crowded schedule. But Rethink Music, to be held in Boston April 25-27, is shaping up to be worth the trip. They've corralled an impressive lineup of high level participants (and me) for some substantive discussions on the future of the music industry. 

Panels and conversations with the likes of U2 manager Paul McGuiness, WMG head Lyor Cohen, Creative Common's originator Lawrnece Lessig and Vevo's brilliant Rio Carreff along with panel conversations about new business models.

A special bonus includes private evening entertainment from artists including Ben Folds, Amanda Palmer, and OK Go's Damian Kulash.


To encourage you to sign up now for Rethink Music we've got a an exclusive rate of $595 available to the first 5 who sign up starting today using the discount code Hypebot. That's a full 40% off the walk-in price.