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12 Tips To Handle Musician Social Media Overload

Time_management_software Facebook, Twitter, YouTube…the list goes on. Dozens of social media that artists use to connect with fans and market themselves. Great tools, but tiresome if you have a billion other things like make music. On our sister blog Music Think Tank, Chris Seth Jackson has tips in time management for artists.

“Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogging…the social media list grows every day. I try to keep up, but it’s freakin’ hard! Not to mention I have a day job.” (Read On)

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  1. Automation is king,stick to one site,cross link the fuckers to others using either hootsuite,or even artist data/……and remove the headache…..keep it simple.

  2. I have to disagree there, Alex, full automation isn’t the answer. You cannot treat all networks equally without losing some integrity. I use partial automation but customise the message for each network before scheduling. The only exception to this for me is MySpace, it’s a straight sync from my Twitter feed. I take this approach simply because I personally can’t stand tweets entering my feed that require me to click through to Facebook to read them, and I know my audience isn’t fussed on Twitter handles and hashtags appearing in their Facebook feeds.
    Luckliy, solutions like Hootsuite make this easier as you can quickly modify posts for each network or send the message as is with one click.

  3. i agree automation isn’t the way. Identify where your fans are and stick to a minimum. You want to drive fans back to your website anyway. Social networking sites are just tools to do that. Sometimes spreading yourself across many platforms, really just ends up spreading yourself thin.

  4. Whenever I’d like to contact an independent artist or an independent label with, say, a product inquiry, email is the new email. I only use a social networking site if there is no contact form or email adress available on the artist’s website or in case that email is not working or I get no reply.
    I’d like to take the chance to thank all of those artists and independent labels out there who have replied to my email over the years. Natalie and Bruce, may I post a list? 😉

  5. A mix of automation and customization based on the network is the answer but typically whatever network has the best result for me is the one I focus on the most..slowly I move on to the next and this way slowly try to master all of them

  6. I appreciate this, as I am pretty much doing the same. The part of your message that really hit home is how you used the word slowly not once, but twice to describe the process. 🙂

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