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Apple Set To Beat Google To Music Cloud

image from Apple is nearing launch of a cloud music service according to sources. Unlike Amazon's recent cloud launch, which in not licensed and acts as an online hard drive, Apple is getting licenses from labels and will return revenue. MediaMemo is reporting that Apple has already completed licenses with two of the four majors. COMMENTARY:

Licenses mean that Apple can offer a more full featured music experience than Amazon does currently. Details are slim,  but it is likely that  iTunes will allow customers to store their songs on a remote server and  access them from any internet connected device.


Whatever the details, the result is that Apple will beat Google to the music cloud.  But who is first, matters less than who gets it right.  Thus far, no one - Apple, Google, Amazon or anyone else - appears to be offering much that might cause consumers to change their current behaviors.

That leaves Apple as music's dominate force and the major labels still complaining about it.