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Kickstarter Added $13 Million To New Music Economy In Just 2 Years

image from www.google.com Kickstarter turned two years old today and shared some stats that show just how important their fan funding platform has been to d.i.y.  music and the new music economy. Overall $53,107,672 has been pledged and $40 million collected to fund 7496 successful Kickstarter projects. Of that, $13,094,547 went to fund music related projects.

Music was Kickstarter's second most funded category after film with $19,717,790 in funding. Ten of the 13 categories have seen more than $1 million in pledges and overall funding is growing rapidly.

About 13% or 79,658 of Kickstarter's 591,773 backers pledged to support more than one project on the site within the last two years. "This is a key number for us. It’s Kickstarter’s supply side," the company wrote along with the stats. "They’re people who don’t just back a friend’s project, they find something else to support. And sometimes fifty other things to support."

And Kickstarter is not alone in the fan funding space. Slicethepie, Sellaband and others have carved out a niche in a category that barely existed just two years ago.