#RETHINKMUSIC – “ClingTo Old Vines” vs. Exploring New Compensation Schemes

image from www.google.com OneHouse and former Choruss founder Jim Griffin, forced a dramatic shift in the discussion during today's "Alternative Compensation Schemes" Rethink Music panel by arguing that most monetization plans are naively based on the antiquated concept of control. "The music industry is clinging to an old vine and its time to find a new one," Griffin argued calling for blanket compulsory licenses. "As creativity moves from the center to the edge of the network, so must licensing."

Academic and Creative Commons founder Lawrence Lessig argued, "This is a fight between those that make money under the old system vs those that make money under the new system."

"We waged a war against 'pirates' for 10 years," declared Lessig. "Telling our kids they are the enemy," but the party that was hurt is the artist, argued Lessig.  Alternative compensation – Griffin's next vine – "are our only hope." 

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  1. In 10 years time we will know if Jim Griffin was right or not.
    We have to go back to the days of the minstrel to see how artists and fans appreciated each other.
    The artist performs, the public enjoys and provides a little gift in return as a little thank you for the enjoyment.
    We are creating a new way to monetize music where the initiative lies with the fan / public.
    It is called YourDonation “money meets music”
    Let’s see what happens

  2. We found out if Griffin was right when he had to close down a project he designed, agreed to – without changes – by the music industry, to prove his theory… It was of no interested to the user community…
    And, come on, this guy has been using the ‘old vine’ line for the last 10 years … and it’s just tired … we need the old new thinkers to step aside and give some new new thinkers a shot

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