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TuneCore's Jeff Price To Music Industry Gatekeepers: "Go Fuck Yourself"

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(UPDATED) "To those people out there, the sitting board members of the RIAA and the sitting board members of A2IM and the sitting board members of Sound Exchange who have made public comments stating that music that we release is crap - that’s their word, not mine - and that 80 percent of it is crap and it’s cluttering the space...When you go to iTunes, people search for it. If they find it, they buy it. So, go fuck yourself...You’re no longer the gatekeeper..."

"...You don’t get to say what has access. Technology changed that, and the general population of the world can say something like Rebecca Black, for better or for worse, has value. You know, we can say it doesn’t or it does, but the general population decided it is, so it doesn’t really matter what we have to say. They get to make the decision now." - Jeff Price, CEO TuneCore. Read the full interview at