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What Do Music Fans Want To Own, And Why?

Cd-collection On Music Think Tank, Chris Stoneman discusses the topic of ownership. With the changes in how fans consume music, ownership has changed as well. Chris explains three ways we desire music and how these desires affect our need to own something. Read on to see how fans want to consume music and what some companies are doing.

“I now have no need to own every piece of music I listen to, but is owning nothing enough? Who wants to own music, and what does ‘own’ really mean anyway?”

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  1. Owning isn’t the issue. Access is. Streaming services are cool but what good are they if you can’t access them whereever + whenever you need them. Once the web becomes more ubiquitous and the line between offline and online disappears streaming services will take off and the issue of owning will be relegated to a small portion of the population (who are likely buying vinyl anyway).

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