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10 Creative Ways Musicians Can Use QR Codes

image from Inspired by Clyde's Guide To QR Codes For Musicians, I wondered about how indie musicians might use these scanable graphics that link the offline and online worlds. Marketer and artist Erica Glaser had already created a strong list of 50 creative uses for QR codes that's geared to filmmakers and visual artists as much as musicians. But she provided the spark that led to my own list of 10 Creative Ways Musicians Can Use QR Codes:

  1. connect a gig poster with a place to buy tickets
  2. connect posters to a video or track that "sells" the band
  3. connect your t-shirt to your web site
  4. connect a t-shirt or poster to a free download
  5. connect a poster to your online store with a discount
  6. connect a poster to your Facebook page
  7. connect signage on stage and merch table to mobile firendly site with email signup 
  8. connect your CD cover to an email signup
  9. connect a CD cover to bonus content
  10. offer a free track to retailers who include you name and a QR code connecting to a tweet-for or email-for-track landing page

Bonus Idea: Make a QR code your online avatar.

How have you used QR codes to promote your band or brand?