And Sony Makes 3. Apple Nears Cloud Music Launch

image from Sony has become the third major label to make a deal to licence Apple's iTunes cloud music service, according to Bloomberg.  EMI and WMG have completed similar deals with Apple in recent days according to multiple sources. UMG is rumored close to signing on. But even 3 majors out of 4 places Apple much closer to a rumored launch during its June 6th Worldwide Developer Conference.

Apple must also complete deals with music publishers, but they have tended to fall in line once the labels have signed on.

As I wrote in yesterday's commentary, it appears that the labels, despite privately complaining about iTunes dominance, have handed Apple another major victory and left potential competitors in the dust.  Read more here.

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  1. This is just one of the steps that Apple will be required in order to make their cloud-music service completely legal as they would still need to talk to publishers and get licensing deals with them.

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