Bidding For EMI Could Be Over Before It Starts

image from www.google.com According to several reports, the owners of EMI has already been holding private meetings with Russian-born tycoon Len Blavatnik, who just won the bidding war for Warner MusicGroup. It's no secret that WMG CEO Edgar Bronfman, who negotiated Blanatnk's purchase, has always coveted EMI; and some observers believe his new boss is on track to make it happen. Other aren't so sure.

Some observers believe that those who lost the WMG bidding war including The Gores, The Tamares Group, Sony and BMG Rights may be willing to pay more for EMI.  And if WMG or any other major label wins EMI, there will be anti-trust hurdles in Europe where Impala and other indie music groups have said they will vigorously oppose a merger. 

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