Bobcom Offers “Fasttrack” For Indie Musicians

image from t3.gstatic.com BOBCOM is a new platform for indie musicians designed to allow musicians to upload and sell their music to fans who rate and share those same tunes. Though there are many similar platforms, BOBCOM is distinguished by networking, performance and other opportunities for musicians who build fan support to take what the site calls the "Fasttrack", as well as, the founder's longtime relationship with Robert Redford which inspired it's creation.

Michael Feeney Callan worked with Robert Redford for 15 years to produce his biography and during that time became inspired by Redford's commitment to the Sundance Institute:

"First and foremost in his mind at all times was the promotion of independent filmmakers. He called Sundance 'the acorn' that leads to important new art."

Feeney Callan says that Redford's commitment led directly to the founding of BOBCOM, aka "birth of brilliance community", with a focus on giving an "unending series of career-building opportunities to new artists."

The site's most recent big opportunity is a chance to join the Magical History Tour and perform in Liverpool at the historic Cavern Club where the Beatles got their start. Apparently the "truly surprising guests" are part of what will make this a "career-building opportunity" for performers.'

Build A UK Fanbase

BOBCOM currently has a UK focus, but is open free to all bands and fans. In addition to the standard range of features from uploading to selling music, BOBCOM's special opportunities are presented on the Fasttrack where artists submit music and photos. The top two artists based on fan activity win the current opportunity.

In addition to the upcoming show at the Cavern Club, Fasttrack opportunities have included the chance to record an EP at Abbey Road Studioes and an appearance on BOBCOM's Channel 4 UK  tv series. BOBCOM is exploring a variety of ways to extend the platform to other media settings. In addition to the tv series, Sounds from the Cities, the current contest performers will be livestreamed on YouTube to start a new show.

So the career building opportunities that come about based on fan activity are the distinguishing characteristic of BOBCOM along with the possibility that this could be a great way for artists outside the UK to start building a fanbase in that region.

As someone increasingly interested in identifying new social network platforms for promoting my own projects, getting in on the groundfloor as an early adopter offers the best chance of building a solid base on new networks. BOBCOM is worth checking out with such a goal in mind.

Hypebot contributor Clyde Smith is a freelance writer and blogger. Flux Research is his business writing hub and All World Dance is his primary web project.

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