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Google Turns To Lady Gaga & Her Fans To Promote Chrome Browser

image from (UPDATED) Google turned to Lady Gaga and her fans to promote its Chrome internet browser.  Lady Gaga has built a huge fan base by aggressively using virtually every tool the web has to offer. For this project, Gaga posted a request for fans to upload videos of her new single, as well as, how they use Google products. The results, along with footage of Gaga, were edited into this spot. Time will tell if a pop superstar can get anyone to switch browsers. Watch the Lady Gaga Google Chrome ad:

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  1. Another Lady GaGa post on this site today? Is she the only person recording music?
    Hypebot – what’s going on?
    I don’t expect a GaGa/Beiber Free Zone here … but there are more interesting and newsworthy topics for your readers to sink their teeth into, surely?

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